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Tips on Safe Driving for Drivers of Taxi Cab


Driving a taxi cab is actually a real sport. For the driver of a taxi cab in Carlsbad, to manner your car, you need to have good health, willpower, personality, training, patience and concentration. But all of those things can only work perfectly due to actual process of driving a cab and seniority of holding the steering wheel.


First of all, one of the most important factors affecting the safety of driving is speed. All drivers know that there is nothing more interesting than driving at a speed of over 60 mph on a deserted road of Carlsbad with brilliant sunshine and charming beauty of nature. But not every taxi driver is aware that when driving at that high speed could be the easiest way to cause accidents. Because drivers are often subjective, they cannot master the steering wheel and do not handle situations promptly.

Perfect Sitting Posture for Drivers

The best method to ensure the clarity and quick reflection for a taxi driver is the readiness of entire body, or more specifically, a precise sitting position. Sit in a comfortable posture and “listen” to the cab by your whole body. A fast turn will be felt by your hip and then by your arms. Therefore, the driver should sit comfortably, but not too “relaxed” to lose the feeling from the car and the road in a timely manner.

The weather also has significant impacts on driving in Carlsbad. For example, when the weather is dry, the taxi is running at a speed of 60 km/h, emergency brake will make the car slide about 40-45 cm, but when it rains, the distance of slipping may be 90 – 140 cm.

In the evening, you may often feel that the car is running slower than in daytime even though you drive at the same speed. The reason is because you cannot see clearly things on the street passing by through the car glass in the evening. Therefore, drivers – especially inexperienced – tend to accelerate when driving at night and may cause accidents.

Driving at Night

At night, sometimes due to driving in long distance, the driver can see mirages on the road. This phenomenon of illusion is varied, it can be a dog running through the street, a house standing in the middle of the road or unknown objects. In such cases, due to natural reflex, many drivers usually hit the brake pedal or turn the steering wheel fast and only then to realise that there is no obstacle at all. As a result, most drivers tend to ignore those mirages. Unfortunately, it is a serious mistake because of the fact that there can be real obstacles on the road. Usual measures to prevent this phenomenon of illusion such as chatting with companions, listening to the radio… have no effect. The only way to prevent this phenomenon is to get enough sleep or rest, even if it is just a short nap.


When avoiding a car in the opposite direction, the driver often feels that the road is not wide enough. The higher the speed of that vehicle is, the stronger that feeling will be. Some less experienced drivers, due to fear of collision, usually turn the steering wheel, which can lead to unwanted accidents. When making way for cars driving in the opposite direction, hold the wheels in a straight position. It is one of the basic principles of safe driving techniques. If the wheels turn to the left, when being crashed from behind, your cab will be jostled into the opposite lane and accident will be unavoidable.

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