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4 Amazing Design Ideas to Transform Your Travel Agency

Transform Your Travel Agency

The travel industry can be very lucrative if you set yourself up in the proper manner. Of course, branding is very important here especially when it comes to delivering a certain message to your clients.

Depending on who your target audience is, you’ll need to design the interiors of your agency in a certain manner. Here are some ideas to help you renovate your premises and show the public you can indeed send them around the world and back again.

Bright & Vibrant: Inviting Interiors for Future Travellers

If you aim your business model at the general consumer, in particular families, you should design your office in a manner that is warm and inviting. After all, clients come here to plan out a wonderful holiday together so it’s important that you reflect this feeling in your workplace interior design. In this Fast Company article, we find that specific office designs can encourage and build positive emotions. To do this within your travel agency, we recommend that you follow these simple fit out techniques:

• Use bright, vibrant colours which match your brand • Make the entrance wide, open and welcoming • Ensure the office is spacious to encourage contact.

Give the public a small taste of the fun and excitement they will have while on holiday by doing up your interiors in this bright, colorful manner.

Sleek & Professional: First Class, Corporate Surrounds

If you are a travel agent who mainly focuses on corporate clients looking for comfortable, classy ways to tour the globe, you’ll need an office design which reflects this added need for professionalism. In this case, you should follow these simple interior tips:

• Remove any unnecessary clutter from your office • Use whites, blacks, greys and other neutral colours • Ensure the chairs and tables are executive quality • Go high tech with wide screens, wireless keyboards, etc.

Show your clients that you mean business. Whether they’re looking for a private jet charter around the globe or wish to send their team of directors on an overseas training excursion, the smart, sleek interior you choose will boost confidence in your abilities. A professional office refurbishment for UK travel agencies will give off a positive impression and ensure your corporate clients are happy to choose your services.

Exotic & Wild: For Tourists Who Want Adventure

• Vivid reds and yellows can represent extreme sports • Unusual shapes reflect the ideas of exotic tours • Greens and blues are good for trekking companies • Ski and snowboard tours should use blue and white

This is only a short list of the possible specializations available in the travel industry. If you belong to one of these niche companies, you’ll have to pay attention to your image. A successful niche business is both distinctive and relevant to consumers, and the interior design of your office will certainly reflect this especially if it is done in the right manner.

Additional Features Every Travel Agent Needs

There are a few design extras which apply to the interiors of almost any travel agency. When working out your new fit out plan, include the following:

• External boards showcasing your latest travel deals • Inside posters highlighting popular travel destinations • Enough marketing material to cover the top locales

These will have to fit in with the designs recommended above. After all, it doesn’t matter whether you’re targeting families, business people or adventurers, you’ll still need to display your latest deals, possible destinations and more within your workplace. In this way, you’ll appeal to their financial senses while giving them enough information to choose an appropriate itinerary regardless of their reasons for travelling.

This is just a short sampling of the many different design ideas now available. You’ll need to tailor these suggestions to your particular business model, however, so we recommend talking to an office fit out specialist about how they can transform this advice into a more concrete reality for your travel agency.

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