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Many people have trouble falling asleep.

Sleep better with these seven tips

Many people have difficulty falling asleep, often wake up at night and are exhausted and broken the next day. We need a good night’s sleep so that our brains are capable, we feel good and stay physically fit. Fortunately, there are some tricks and tips on how to learn to sleep and sleep through the night.


Our bedroom has a major impact on how we sleep at night. The bedroom should be dark and quiet so that we are not disturbed as much by external influences. Noise affects our sleep and sunlight prevents the production of the sleep hormone melanin. In summer we should also make sure to keep the bedroom as cool as possible. Keep the windows closed during the day and darken the room. Ventilate well in the morning and evening for sufficient fresh air supply and a good indoor climate.


sleeping utensils

In the “accessories” section, the pillow should match the shoulder width and neck. It should be as flat as possible so that the spine does not bend too much. We choose the right cover according to our own heat type. If our bodies tend to store heat and we sweat quickly, a thick blanket is not exactly suitable. Those who freeze quickly should rather use a warmer blanket. Your own physique and sleeping position have an influence on which mattress you should buy. A slatted frame should be individually adjustable as possible so that the right parts of the body are supported. The most important tip from our sleep coach Markus Kamps is that you should definitely get advice from a professional. It can provide the decisive impetus when looking for the right products.

Power-naps asleep

So-called power naps can have an extremely positive effect on our concentration, reaction and our immune system. So if you get tired in the afternoon, you can just lie down and close your eyes. However, for a maximum of 20 minutes. After that, we should get up straight away to really notice the positive effect of the power nap. You should avoid sleeping on the couch in the evening in front of the television, as this can result in permanent sleep or falling asleep and make the bed an “enemy” for us.


We can influence whether we fall asleep well and quickly. For this it is important to know your own rhythm. If you are really tired, you should go straight to bed straight away. The time window for bedtime is a maximum of 20 minutes before we are too awake and run the risk of having difficulty falling asleep. By the way: Nobody sleeps completely through the night. Short waking phases and light sleep are completely normal.


Those who use cell phones, tablets or laptops in bed late at night often find it difficult to fall asleep. This is due to the blue LED light on the displays, which messes up our internal clock and promotes sleep-inhibiting hormones. This tends to reactivate the brain. If available, the blue light filter should be activated on smartphones and the like, or – even better – it should be completely avoided in this type of device in the bedroom.

thoughts in asleep

Everything about our thoughts should at best be noted in a kind of diary. This way we clear our minds and are not prevented from falling asleep. If you are still brooding in bed, you should get up and go to a place outside the bedroom to briefly deal with the topic and then go back to sleep. So the bedroom is not “desecrated” as a place of rest and relaxation.

basic rhythm asleep

For a good night’s sleep, it is helpful if we observe regular sleep times and get up times. This is especially difficult when you work in shifts. Shift workers should therefore take their bedtime much more seriously and maintain a basic rhythm. This can be achieved, for example, by leaving the usual meal times and fixed rituals unchanged.

If you suffer from long-lasting sleep disorders or want to optimize your sleep in a targeted manner, you can book individual sleep coaching with Markus Amps – live, on the phone or online. An exciting experience that will advance you in terms of success, health and fitness.

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