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The Complete History of Candy Cigarettes

Fascinating Facts About Candy Cigarette

Those who grew up in the 1950s – 1980s will likely remember having ample access to candy cigarettes. Not only were these flavorful edible cigarettes tasty, but also deliciously controversial. Obviously, this made them more enticing than ever. So what happened to candy cigarettes, anyway?

Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about! Below, we’ll go over the complete history of candy cigarettes. Plus, we’ll load you up with some fascinating candy cigarette facts. As a bonus, we’ll even tell you where you can buy them!

The Early Days

Back in the 1930s, candy cigarettes were introduced to the mainstream markets of the United States. Back then, smoking was not only considered to be safe, but stylish. As such, the public didn’t feel like candy cigarettes were a big deal. In fact, these flavorful little sticks were often enjoyed by children with no ramifications or backlash at all.

Candy cigarettes originally came in bubble gum, sugar-spun, and chocolate variants. On top of that, they came available in a range of fun flavors. Soon, these yummy faux-cigarettes were a top-seller in drug stores, candy shops, and more.

Sweet Turns Sour

Up until the late 1950s, candy cigarettes were enjoyed by thousands of children all over America. However, toward the end of 1956, things began to go a bit sour for these sweet candies. In the 1950s, smoking health concerns began to gain steam publicly. Back then, the theory that smoking was dangerous was trendy and mind-blowing news.

As the tides of public opinion shifted negatively toward smoking, candy cigarettes took a massive hit in popularity. Parents who were swept up in the anti-tobacco panic began to prohibit their children from purchasing these candies. To be sure, the fact that candy cigarettes sported clear brands like Marlboro and Viceroy didn’t help their case.

Candy Cigarette Makers Change Things Up

In the old days, candy cigarettes literally mimicked real cigarette brands in their names and smoke-pack-style packaging. From brands like Winston to Marlboro, these candies even came in mint flavors to mimic menthol cigarettes. As you can see, with more people frowning on smoking, this spelled trouble. Fearing that candy cigarettes would cause children to smoke, parents were incensed.

To pacify parents and protect their products, candy cigarette makers began changing package branding to accommodate the outraged. For example, Viceroy Candy Cigarettes became Viceyo, Marlboro transitioned to Marboro, and Camel turned into Acmel. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to be enough of a change for those extra-angry citizens.

What’s In a Name

By the year 1970, the US was considering nationally banning candy cigarettes altogether. So, to further accommodate their consumers, candy cigarettes removed the word “cigarette” entirely. Consequently, sugar-spun cigarettes became “candy sticks”. While they still maintained their pack shapes and recipe flavors, “candy sticks” now left the cigarette element to the imagination.

An Argument Of Sweet Freedom

The thing is, America is a free country. Should it really be up to the government what shape candy can come in? Does one outraged group get to control what the entire country is allowed to enjoy? If you let institutions ban something as simple as candy, how long before they make every minor decision for everyone?

Americans stood their ground. Despite the fact that various candy cigarette bans and prohibitions were instituted in other countries, in the US, they stuck around. Therefore, these yummy little sticks are a testament to freedom, liberty, and the right to free speech. And hey, they taste great too!

Why We Love Candy Cigarettes

With such an inspiring history, candy cigarettes are pretty awesome. For one, they prove that America still values people’s right to choose what they will or won’t consume. In addition to this, they allow parents to decide what’s right for their children, not some angry group. Finally, they remind us of how far we’ve come as a country where innovation and originality still count for something!

Look, we aren’t saying six-year-olds should smoke. At the same time, there’s no reason everyone should be banned from enjoying something fun, nostalgic, and whimsical. And seriously, what’s more, whimsical and fun than candy? For these reasons, we are happy to report that candy cigarettes are still sold today!

Where to Buy Candy Cigarettes

While they’re harder to find on drug-store shelves than they used to be, candy cigarettes are still for sale. You can easily shop for them online and in select stores. Notably, when you shop for candy cigarettes online, you’ll save a ton of money!

To shop for candy cigarettes in bulk at wholesale prices, simply click the link above. Then, you’ll be taken to one of the best online novelty candy shops around. Apart from the fact that you’ll get amazing discount prices, you can also check out an impressive novelty candy selection. That way, you can easily browse through candy cigarettes and much more!

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