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Top Future Car Tech Innovations

Car Tech Innovations

The top future car tech innovations are as discussed below;

Communicating Cars

In the future cars are expected to be fixed with communication gadgets that will enable a car communicate to a different car which is on a different location. The cars will also be expected to communicate with object around them including humans. A technology (vehicle to vehicle) is being developed by companies in order to reduce the accident count on the roads. This car technology is expected to greatly change the way our vehicles are driven thus increasing automotive security.

Car Tech Innovations
Car Tech Innovations

Self-driven Vehicles

The presence of cars that can park themselves proves that we are nearing self-driving car whereby a driver is not physically required to operate the car steering, accelerator or brake pedals. Several cars are still under book driving test to prove if they can be left to drive themselves on the highways. This technology is expected to reduce the accidents on road by ninety five percent. The minimal accidents are assumed to result from computer errors and the fact that human drivers will not have been completely eliminated from the roads.

Augmented Reality Dashboards

In car displays together with GPS systems are some of the expected future car tech innovations. This combination works in many ways for instance if you approach a vehicle at a very high speed then the technology is able to at first alert you then show the possible ways on how you can find your way onto another lane without colliding with the other cars on the same highway or road. The GPS system is also able to show the directions to a given place from your location hence saving time for those who are unfamiliar with the location they are driving on. AR is a similar gadget but with this one, the passengers are able to zoom on objects that are out and far from the car thus seeing them clearly.

Energy Storing Body Panels

A prediction company says that by 2040, fifty percent of the vehicles from the manufacturing industries will be hybrid. This is expected to reduce the amount of energy spent on moving the cars extra weight since the batteries which used to add weight on the machine have been removed. The body panels are expected to capture energy from the technologies. Such include regenerative braking or car plugging during the night. The energy would then be used later when it will be needed by the car. Some body panels will be expected to collect charges that accumulate on the body of the car when it is in motion hence providing an alternative source of electric power to the car.

Car Tech Innovations
Car Tech Innovations

Car Stopping Airbags

Although we already have airbags fitted on our vehicles, there are some other parts that the airbags still need to be fitted. We currently lack an airbag that is able to stop the car when it is about to collide. Such an airbag is expected to be available in future to help in stopping vehicles during accidents.

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