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Pro Ana vs. Thinspo – What’s the Difference?

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Pro-ana and thinspo communities have taken the Internet by storm. A growing number of sites offer support to girls and women looking to stay fit and lose weight. Despite the popular belief that thinspo and pro ana is basically the same thing, there’s a major differencebetween these trends. Thinspiration sites feature successful weight loss stories and tips on how to drop pounds and get in shape. Pro ana is a movement that targets teenage girls and glorifies anorexia, a serious eating disorder with long term side effects. Women following the pro ana trend encourage each other to lose weight by extreme measures.

Pro Ana vs. Thinspo
Pro Ana vs. Thinspo

What’s Thinspiration All About?

Unlike the pro ana trend, thinspo is about choosing a healthy lifestyle that promotes healthy eating and exercise. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, get back in shape, or simply feel better about yourself, thinspo sites can help you reach your goals. These online communities are a great source of inspiration for any girl who wants to look and feel amazing. They often feature valuable information on weight loss and exercise, as well as healthy eating tips and inspirational thinspo pictures.

Thinspo girls know that a balanced diet is the key to a firm, slim body. Their diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, dairy and lots of water. They’re not afraid to eat and fill their plate with healthy foods that are packed with nutrients. Thinspiration puts emphasis on clean eating. It can also take the form of inspirational quotes, mantras, and lyrics from popular music promoting a healthy lifestyle. Thinspo sites are designed to raise awareness and inspire women to eat clean and make smart food choices. Some feature images of overweight people and fatty foods that can ruin your weight loss efforts. These pics will help you stay on track and stick to a healthy diet.

About Thinspo

Girls who join thinspo communities post thinspiration photos to motivate one another toward weight loss. These pictures usually showcase beautiful women who may be anything from naturally slim to thin, with firm abs and perfect bodies. Thinpiration is all about being physically fit and eating a balanced, nutritious diet. This trend inspires women of all shapes and sizes to be fit and healthy. This eventually leads to a positive body image and greater self-confidence.Are you eating these 15 foods “touted” as healthy that are making you gain weight? Find out what are these food by reading here more details.

Weight loss is good for your health when done in the right way and for the right reasons. Women who join thinspo sites are searching for a connection, and in some ways they are finding it. They visit thinspo blogs, websites, and forums to exchange images and quotes that inspire them to stay thin and get rid of excess fat. It’s basically the same as tacking photos and inspirational notes onto a mirror or refrigerator. Thinspo sites and communities emphasize that girls should lose weight in healthy ways.

Pro Ana vs. Thinspo
Pro Ana vs. Thinspo

What about Pro Ana?

Pro ana is a growing trend that promotes anorexia and extreme weight loss. Most pro ana sites endorse anorexia as desirable, featuring inspirational quotes and pictures that showcase extremely thin women with visibly protruding bones. Members exchange tips and ideas on how to lose weight fast, reduce hunger, and control cravings. They also post images of unrealistically skinny people, including pro ana celebrities and Female fitness models. The votes and likes” they receive from other pro ana girls serve as positive reinforcement.

If you visit pro ana sites, you’ll find all sorts of weight loss diets such as the ABC Diet, the three-day water fast, the cabbage soup diet, flat belly diet or the rainbow diet. These plans can help you lose as much as 10-12 pounds a week. Pro ana girls using these sites compete with each other at losing weight, share crash dieting recipes, and teach each other how to eat as little as possible.

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