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Lazy Thin Formula

Do You Want a Thin Body But You Are Too Lazy To Achieve It?

“Laziness Made You Fat. Discover The Laziest Secrets To Get Thin With No Effort!”

Be Idle, Eat and LOSE Fat with Lazy Thin Formula

Do You Want a Thin Body But You Are Too Lazy To Achieve It?
Do You Want a Thin Body But You Are Too Lazy To Achieve It?

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Pro Ana and Anorexia

Pro-Ana is a name given to promote the issues of anorexia, sometimes just referred to as “Ana”. There are many different pro-Ana sites online to help you deal with any problems you may be having. Created by young women who have anorexia or bulimia, or are recovering from one or the other, these sites are designed to be support systems. Only those who have gone through the same issues can really understand another anorexic.

They are just there to help. They offer a place for anorexics to talk about their illness and support others going through recovery. Most pro-Ana sites function as a coping mechanism when you are going through any kind of stress, whether from eating problems or other life problems.

Some pro-Ana sites will share everything from crash dieting techniques, to how best to induce vomiting. Many sites have popular blogs with lots of readers who become members. The members share their stories, their struggles, and triumphs. They share pictures and become friends. Young women think of their favorite pro-Ana sites as havens from the real world. Most pro-Ana sites are welcoming to all.

However, those with forums do have some members who get angry when people without an eating disorder decide to post just to harass them. Harassing someone never helps them. Parents, friends, and relatives do care, but they don’t really understand what anorexia is. They do not understand how to deal with all the issues involved because they don’t have anorexia. Pro-Ana or pro-anorexia simply means that one knows they have anorexia and accept it as a “lifestyle”.

Anorexia is a mental demon that needs to be dealt with every day. It’s great that teens and adults can find someone to openly talk to without being judged. Young women wear red bracelets for discreet solidarity as anorexics. They also serve as a reminder not to eat. A lot of people think that pro-Ana sites should not exist. Deleting every single pro-Ana website would not help any anorexic. However, by keeping the pro-Ana sites, people can seek out likeminded people and get the help they need, or not.

Pro Ana Tips and Tricks

Pro Ana is an abbreviation for ?pro-anorexia.? This is a social movement, which is highly featured on personal websites. Pro Ana is considered a Taboo lifestyle, where earlier websites came under serious fire and were shut down, only to resurface, but still under negative attention. Pro Ana communities are for existing anorexics who don’t want to be treated by physicians or psychologists. Pro Ana’s believe in anorexia as a present lifestyle, until a change takes place. Anorexics that are currently in recovery, or considers themselves as being sick, they are not pro Anas. Pro Ana’s are happy in their own skin or condition, even supporting the thought that they can live happily and fulfilled lives, just as they are.

Pro Ana websites contain the following features

1. Bulletin boards 2. Chat rooms 3. Diet and calorie tips 4. How to avoid a relapse 5. Hunger distraction tips 6. How to handle triggers 7. Thinspiration photos 8. Encouraging songs and poetry 9. Links to private, password-protected web sites

Pro Ana websites encourage each other to live a better life in their present bodies and not to seek help from mainstream society, which they view as condemning. Rather than feeling like an outcast and misunderstood, pro-Ana’s eliminate words like disorder and mental illness. Instead, they motivate pro-Ana’s to be strong, prideful, as well as creating an environment of a unique, nonjudgmental community.

Pro Ana provides tips and tricks to uplift and support one another. Some controversial pro Ana tips involve Take diet pills that have a positive review drink water throughout the day, even if you don’t feel hungry perform some cardio workouts several days each week, especially walking drink green tea take daily vitamins use small dishes to fool your mind into thinking you’re eating enough learn how to fast choose a thinspiration body type which matches your own and find out they lost weight wear cosmetics to keep yourself looking great to keep a personal list of why you can’t eat, such as it makes you sick, it doesn’t taste good, anything else that will encourage you not to want to eat all the time stay engaged, don’t sit home all the time Eat ice or chew gum, when you feel hungry

Give yourself a break, don’t be hard on yourself

In mentioning thinspiration, this is a word used to use depict images of pro-Ana celebrities, models, and other successful weight loss persons. These images are used to promote a healthy pro-Ana way of living. These are just some of the pro-Ana tips and tricks that are used to support this movement, to teach others how to keep the weight off, but also how not to practice starving to death or other hazardous practices.

Many pro-Ana persons are fully aware of what anorexia is and how it could easily consume your life with negative thinking. However, will power and self-control is mantras for pro-Ana’s because they further realize that anorexia can be a dangerous compulsion. This compulsion is all about losing weight, not gaining weight, and keeping the weight off, at least for now. Their movement is garnering support from many new age thinkers, who are asking, what is wrong with wanting to be a somewhat healthy anorexic or pro-Ana? Why not just eat a piece of fruit as a meal substitute or to religiously follow a weight loss program like the Atkins diet? Most certainly, if nothing else, pro-Ana movement’s make us question many weight preconceptions, after all, some of us remember the English model and celebrity Twiggy, who was the original pro-Ana, and who came out, on the other side of life, healthy and happy.

Pro Ana websites and pro-Ana movements further provide a collaborative social behavior or a unique identity among weight loss persons, who otherwise would feel isolated, confused or subjugated. Granted there are varied pro-Ana websites and thinking that really smacks you in the face with their rebellious attitudes. But they only want to be accepted as they are and not made to feel like an Old Testament leper or as an unstable person who is a danger to themselves. The websites also offer pro-Ana’s the freedom to be them, to express how they feel, their emotional roller coaster experiences, all without fear of being unjustly judged.

The Pro Ana Diet Plan

Diet Plan
Diet Plan

In modern-day society, everyone seems to want to be thin. Turning on the television, flipping through magazines or simply going on the internet exposes men and women to extremely thin people who are portrayed as the “ideal image”, leading the viewer/reader to want to look the same. Some people turn to diets and in specific (to those who want to be extremely thin), Pro Ana diet plan (Also called Ana Boot Camp).  Pro-Ana refers to promoting Anorexia Nervosa (an eating disorder which is characterized by starving oneself to the point of being underweight and having extreme fears of gaining weight; studies show one out of every 200 people have this mental illness) and is used interchangeably with the term “Pro mia” (for those promoting Bulimia Nervosa, the eating disorder in which one usually overeats and self-induced vomiting or abuses laxatives to maintain their weight).

Anorexics personifies anorexia by giving it the girl?s name, “Ana”. Pro Ana’s diet plans are very-low-calorie diets that typically last for about 50 days. For example, in one diet, the daily calorie intake ranges from only 0 to 500 calories (which is a much lower daily calorie intake than the recommended 1000 to 2400 calories per day) for the full 50 days. In these diets, it is also recommended that exercise be done to burn even more calories. Those who participate in these diets are usually already suffering from Anorexia Nervosa and support the others that take part in the diet and have mental illness by use of wearing Pro-Ana bracelets.

low-calorie diets
low-calorie diets

The bracelets are used to “support” the other people who are Pro-Ana diet members by reminding them that when they see them to not eat or suppress their feelings of hunger.

Also, there are many support groups online write for us those that are on Pro-Ana diets which give tips on not eating and losing weight. Many online support groups also have “thinspiration” photo galleries in which pictures of women and men (usually skimpily dressed) are photographed showing their painfully underweight bodies to inspire the Pro-Ana group to keep losing weight. Most of the Pro-Ana community refuse to believe that the mental illness they suffer from is an illness and chose to call it a lifestyle. There are also “Pro-Recovery” sites used to help those suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, as well as Bulimia Nervosa, and address the issue of treating a serious mental illness as a way of life.  Pro-Ana diets are likely hurting people more than helping them unless the person suffering from Anorexia Nervosa was not eating at all previously. Pro-Ana diets are not recommended and should not be in lieu of a well-balanced diet. Anorexia Nervosa is a very serious illness and should be treated as one. A Well-balanced diet consists of vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, bread/pasta (use sugary products sparingly). If one thinks they may be struggling with an eating disorder or if they know someone who may it’s recommended that they do go to their family physician to evaluate their situation and find options of treatment.

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