Often a few small changes are enough to significantly reduce the monthly expenses for the health insurance.

Small changes, big impact: A look at the insurance policy is worthwhile.

The contributions to health insurance in Switzerland often appear quite high in an international comparison. It is surprising, however, that most insured people do not even know how much they can save with a few tips. Often, a few small changes are enough to achieve noticeable savings – without having to forego performance.


How to optimize your basic insurance

Basic insurance offers various options for reducing the monthly contribution. The services remain identical; in every model and with every provider, members are entitled to the same treatments.

1. Change insurance model

In addition to the classic model with free choice of doctor, almost every provider offers other insurance models that are cheaper than the standard tariff. There are family doctor models, HMO models and different variants of telemedicine. Your own aspirations and life situation decide which model is best suited. In some rural regions, telemedicine models can even improve medical care because there is not always a local doctor available.

2. Compare providers

Despite identical benefits, the monthly premiums for basic insurance differ from provider to provider. Many factors play a role in the premium calculation, such as the average age of the insured, the number of insured or the region in which the provider operates. It is usually worth comparing the providers operating in their own canton. With such a health insurance comparison, insured persons can find out directly whether their premium is too high in comparison and which insurance company offers a better offer.

3. Choose a suitable franchise

The chosen annual franchise, i.e. the treatment costs that the insured person has to bear before the basic insurance then comes in, can be chosen when the insurance is taken out, and an adjustment is also possible once a year. For adults there are franchises of CHF 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 per year. The rule applies here: the higher the selected franchise, the greater the discount on the monthly premium. So if you rarely go to the doctor, you can save a lot of money each year by choosing a high franchise.

4. Half-yearly or annual payment of contributions

The monthly debit is practical, but involves more effort for the insurance company. Insured persons who pay their premiums for half a year or even a whole year in advance therefore receive a discount on the premium.

5. Exclude accident coverage

Most insured persons have accident protection included in basic insurance without checking whether it is needed at all. However, anyone who works for an employer in Switzerland for more than eight hours a week is already insured against accidents – and to a much greater extent than with basic insurance. In this case, accident protection can be excluded from basic insurance, which reduces the monthly contribution by a few francs. Incidentally, anyone who is insured through the employer does not have to pay a deductible or deductible in the event of an accident and is entitled to other benefits such as daily allowance for the duration of the loss of earnings. This claim also applies if the accident happens during leisure time.

6. Use family discounts

Couples who are married and / or live in the same household can often register with the same insurer at reduced rates. Many also offer special tariffs for families. Your own children can also be insured in this way – the more family members are insured with the same provider, the cheaper the tariffs are. With some insurers, the third child is even insured free of charge.

7. Check entitlement to a discount

Those who are unable to pay the monthly contribution to basic insurance may be entitled to a premium reduction from the canton. From a certain income limit, the canton pays part of the monthly contribution. The approval is regulated differently in each canton, some grant the premium reduction automatically, in others an application is required. The cantonal administration provides information on the exact procedure.

How to optimize your supplementary insurance

You can also save a few francs in supplementary insurance if you follow some advice.

8. Optimize service package

The package of supplementary insurance should be checked regularly: Many insured pay with their monthly premiums for benefits that they do not use at all. The better and more precisely the service package is tailored to your own needs, the greater the benefit and the possible savings.

9. Combine tariffs

Hardly any provider offers 100% cost coverage for services, most of them participate in the services offered with a share of 50-90%. However, if you would like to use expensive treatments more often, the combination of different supplementary insurance policies can be worthwhile. In most cases, two different products can be used to fully cover the costs. This is particularly worthwhile for high-priced treatments in which even a small personal contribution can represent a considerable burden, such as in the area of ​​orthodontics.

10. Complete early

Even if you rarely need them at a young age, taking out additional insurance usually pays off if you don’t wait too long. The younger and healthier you are when you take out insurance, the cheaper the premiums that are offered to you. Some illnesses can also result in the desired supplementary insurance only being accepted with reservations or even being completely rejected. Those who think about the future at an early stage benefit twice – the contributions are low and gaps in old age are avoided.

It is worth checking your own insurance situation regularly

Whether basic or supplementary insurance, the best tariffs are usually obtained when you are prepared to check your own insurance situation more often. A few tricks can reduce the premium considerably without restricting benefits. If you combine well, you can even gain benefits. So if you are annoyed by a high monthly premium, you should take action now and take a look at your insurance policies.

As an independent insurance broker, Crackling  Partner is not obliged to any provider. We know the strengths and services of the individual companies and are therefore able to work out the best possible solution for your insurance needs. This independence opens up opportunities, but also means an obligation. We meet this obligation with the best resources, products and experts – simple, trustworthy and competent.

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