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Six Great Ideas for Renovating Your Walk-in Shower

Within the modern-day home, nothing is quite as luxurious as the walk-in shower. No other bathroom design allows you to relax and unwind in a comfortable setting quite as well. This is especially true if you renovate your shower in the right manner, incorporating a number of added features to make it even classier. The following tips will help you create a home bathing setting that looks great, lets you feel terrific and can even help you save water.

Glass Shower Screens

To set up a seamless barrier between the shower and bathroom, glass screens come highly recommended. They will protect the toilet and sink from excess spray without dividing the room into separate areas. Without any internal boundaries, the interior space will seem larger and less cramped. You might even add to the look with an oversized showerhead as a statement element – something visually appealing that you can see thanks to the clear glass you have installed. These transparent surfaces will give you more to play with when it comes to improving your bathroom design.


Programmable Controls

You can also take your walk-in shower to new levels of comfort with some high tech features. For instance, thermostatic controls can help adjust the following while you are bathing:

• Flow
• Pressure
• Temperature

Some of these systems even come with remote controls so you can turn on the shower from the bedroom and have the water at just the right temperature by the time you get there. In this way, you can add some luxury through convenience which can only be gained by installing the latest in bathroom technology within your home.

Eco Shower Heads

If you feel like taking care of the planet, you can also equip your walk-in shower with some eco-friendly fixtures. One of the best options available is the showerhead which helps reduce water usage without compromising the quality of your bathing experience. The innovative range of Aqualisa shower accessories can help lower your water bills by up to 25% by decreasing the flow while still delivering optimal pressure. Of course, this is just one top brand that specializes in these eco-friendly shower heads for green homeowners renovating their luxury bathroom interiors.


Windows & Skylights

A bright bathroom is a welcoming one especially for those with a luxury home. A great way to illuminate this important household setting is to install a window or skylight in the actual shower. With translucent glass, you can let in the light without fearing an invasion of privacy.

Window sills also act as a great place to store items too, serving as a shelf as well as providing a brighter setting. With a window or skylight installed, you can bathe yourself in the light as well as water within your home’s walk-in shower.

Audio Systems

If you really want to build a soothing atmosphere in your luxury bathroom, why not install some speakers within the shower itself? You can find some waterproof models that will play out your favorite tunes while you bathe. Singing in the shower has never been as fun. These speakers can also be high definition too, ensuring you get some high-quality audio even though you’re in the bathroom. Thanks to these state-of-the-art waterproof sound systems, you don’t need to sacrifice on quality simply because you want to hear some tunes in the shower.

Steam Generators

This last suggestion will really add some luxury to your walk-in shower, turning it into a steam room whenever you want to. You can essentially create your own private spa within the comfort of your own home. With a steam generator though, you will also need the following features:

• A small window to let the steam out
• Benches to sit down and relax
• Shelving for your spa products

If you have enough space for all of these extras, you can create a walk-in shower & spa which helps you unwind after a long day.

In the end, it will be up to you to how you make your walk-in shower look absolutely amazing. True luxury can only be obtained through the right combination of quality materials, elegant design aesthetics, complementary colors & patterns, and some small finishing touches to create a harmonious, complementary environment.

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