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The GRE exam and GRE coaching for aspiring students

GRE vocabulary

GRE means Graduate Record Examination and it is conducted for the graduate students who want to study abroad. The students who want to study abroad should appear for the GRE test. They should prove their proficiency in various areas such as analytical thinking, quantitative aptitude and verbal reasoning. Most of the universities access the GRE score of the students to provide admission. The students should be well-prepared for the GRE vocabulary that consists of many difficult words.  Some of the students who want to specialize in a field aspire to go abroad. They can secure admission in the most renowned universities.

How the GRE test is conducted?

It is a computer-based test and the paper is set in a different way for all the students. The students should prove their mathematical, verbal, writing and analytical skills of the students. The students can score maximum 340 marks in the test. The students should appear for three sections namely analytical writing, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning. For analytical reasoning, the students are provided with two tasks. The first issue is the argument of an issue. The next section is the analysis of an argument. The students should complete the task in 30 minutes. Then the students should appear for the verbal reasoning section. The students should appear for two sections and should solve 20 questions for each section. Each section should be completed in 30 minutes. The next sections, the students should appear is the quantitative reasoning section. In the quantitative section, they are provided with two sections. They should resolve 20 questions per section. They should resolve each question in 35 minutes. The students should be well-prepared for the GRE vocabulary section and should join coaching classes.

This test is conducted by the Education Testing Center and it is responsible for setting the question paper and set questions also.

Classroom training

The students can attend the classroom training for 60 hours. Then, they can resolve the AWA essay reviews. Then, they can attend the doubt-clearing session to clear the doubts also. The students can attend the doubt-clearing sessions; attend the full-length and sectional tests. The mentors also prepare the customized study plan so that the students can study the best.

Live classes

They should join the live classes and attend the 70 hour training for Maths and verbal section. They should join the 100 hours of live training. They are provided with live training for foundation and also attend the refresher sessions. The students can attend the full-length and unlimited doubt-clearing sessions and 29 videos of pre-recorded concepts. They can review the details of the essay. The score is valid for a year.

They review in detail about the essays. They should encounter the dedicated study coach to track the progress. The course is valid for a year.

Online training

They should watch the 30 videos with 1000 practice questions and should attend the full-length tests. They should view the detailed review of the essays and 16 hours of complimentary sessions. They are provided with 9 months support.

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