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Home Decor Guide: The Hallway As A Gallery

Where is the first impression of your apartment? Mostly in the hallway. And what do your guests see there? Hopefully no junk room! If you want to improve the first impression of your apartment, we have a few helpful tips for you here. This is how you turn your hallway into a stylish picture gallery.

The hallway is the room in the house or apartment that we enter first. So it’s strange that we very often the hall so treat neglected . First of all, we stumble across shoes, umbrellas, toys and other things. We hang the jacket on an overcrowded clothes rack, the key has no place of its own. It is not difficult to keep the hallway tidy. And not only that: We can even furnish it just as stylishly as the rest of our apartment. A great idea for the hallway is to design it as a gallery . We’ll show you how to properly decorate your hallway and transform it into a representative showroom in no time at all.

A tidy house entrance is inviting - especially when it is nicely decorated

A tidy house entrance is inviting – especially when it is nicely decorated

Keep order

There is enough storage space in nooks and crannies that you can use for everything you want to store in the hallway. But there are also other ways to create even more storage space. For example above the door: attach a sideboard and equip it with baskets or boxes . There is space for your hats and gloves here during the summer months.

Trendy: an old box as a shoe cabinet

Trendy: an old box as a shoe cabinet

Be sure to get a shoe closet . Not only your hallway, your shoes will thank you too! If you don’t want to go wide, get a narrow, tall shoe cabinet. These are available in various furniture stores for little money, and yet you achieve a great effect and provide a lot more space. You can arrange a particularly pretty pair of high heels as a decoration on the shoe cabinet .
You can tell anything as a story if you are creative. Report from your own trip or tell the story of your sponsored child from birth to high school graduation – anything is possible.

Nice, open cloakroom with storage space and seating

Nice, open cloakroom with storage space and seating

You should also invest in a wardrobe . This does not have to consist of a clothes rack or hook. Combine a small bench with a chest of drawers and a narrow cupboard, or use an open cloakroom. Depending on your budget and available space, you can also choose a built-in wardrobe – the main thing is that everything has its place . The tidier your hallway, the more space your pictures have to come into their own.

Choose the right colors for your hallway

A hallway doesn’t just have to be painted white. You can also experiment with colors in this room as you wish . Note, however, that the hallway shouldn’t be too colorful if you want to use it as a gallery. Soft, muted colors and a uniform color scheme allow your photos and images to develop their full potential.

Pastel colors in the hallway can have a huge impact on the impact of your pictures

Pastel colors in the hallway can have a huge impact on the impact of your pictures

Especially if you have a very narrow hallway, you should opt for light colors . How about a muted white or pretty pastel colors? You can still set accents , for example at the end of the hallway, or in spatially delimited areas, such as between two doors.

The right lighting for your hallway

The light is crucial for a pleasant atmosphere. It should be bright and warm, but by no means dazzling. It is best to create different islands of light and also work with indirect lighting. The hallway is likely not where you work, so you won’t need accent lighting. Nevertheless, it should be bright enough so that you can find what you are looking for before you leave the house or if you want to present the photo gallery with pictures from your last vacation to your visit.

Is that the right lighting?  At least not for a gallery ...

Is that the right lighting? At least not for a gallery …

For example, combine a beautiful ceiling chandelier with a table lamp and indirect lighting above the cloakroom. In this way you can create accents that beautifully illuminate different areas of the hallway and effectively stage your gallery.

Create your personal gallery

There are two ways to plan your individual gallery: Either you decorate your hallway according to your taste and then select coherent pictures that you want to hang up, or you already have pictures or photos in mind that you would like to present want, and design the hallway accordingly.

For architectural photos in black and white, it makes sense to keep the hallway simple and paint the walls in covered white. In a pastel-colored hallway, romantic landscape shots or family photos go particularly well. Think of a concept for the exhibition of your photos: picture frame or canvas? Do you want all the pictures to hang on one wall?

Important for row hanging: a connecting element - here the frames

Important for row hanging: a connecting element – here the frames

You can choose uniform picture frames, for example if you want to let a series of photos work. If you choose different images or photos, uniform frames can be a connecting element . In this case, you can still vary in size. Or you choose frames made of different materials, in different colors and shapes, and arrange them harmoniously. Stylistically they should still match, so stay in the same color family and don’t decorate plastic with gold, but stay true to one style: country house with wood, white and pastel colors, industrial with metal in cool colors or classic with dark wood and gold.

Set up a sitting area

If you have designed your individual gallery and enough space in the hallway, you can also set up a small seating area as an addition , from which you can view your pictures in peace. An armchair or chair, a small table, a reading lamp and of course a few exhibition catalogs or coffee table books should not be missing. The books and catalogs may even be thematically assigned to the pictures on your wall and offer further inspiration?

Clever integration creates order - here: cloakroom and cupboard with a small bench

Clever integration creates order – here: cloakroom and cupboard with a small bench

In such a hallway, which has been converted into a personal gallery, you can relax immediately when you come home, or wait when other family members need a little longer again. Also, your visit will be delighted if he come Be-up at your apartment rather than in a storage room in an elegant gallery finds!

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