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These social media trends shouldn’t be missed in 2020

Social media trend 2020

We, the search heroes, are always up to date. Our social media experts for Head of Content & Social Media know Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn like the back of their hand. The search heroes specialize in individual strategies, taking into account the latest trends. Hot and up-to-date, we serve you the Social Media Trends 2020 today. Bet, some things will surprise you?

Quality, trust and artificial intelligence – these are the social media trends for 2020

Every year the latest findings on current social media trends come as surely as Christmas. In 2020, these will again be up to date and represent the change in the markets as well as the changed user behavior. Around 50 experts from large companies were asked about this. The result? “You shouldn’t miss the latest social media trends for 2020. In any case, we look forward to working with you to develop new, creative, exciting strategies for your success, ”

1. Social media trend 2020: New platforms are getting involved

Social media trend 2020- New platforms
Social media trend 2020- New platforms

In addition to the big and well-known social media top dogs, new platforms also play a role. Above all, the video portal TikTok. But microblogs are also gaining in importance. Pinterest and LinkedIn are also shifting into higher gear.

“It is already worthwhile to include the new platforms in a holistic social media strategy and to invest part of the advertising budget here. You are already one step ahead of your competition, ”

2. Social Media Trend 2020: More awareness with storytelling

Social Media Trend 2020- Awareness with storytelling
Social Media Trend 2020- Awareness with storytelling

Become a good friend of your target group with social media. Since social media is an integral part of everyday life today, “digital detox” is not only gaining more and more importance as a buzz word.

Too much information, advertising and content is pounding on users today who are slowly getting tired of it. In this social media trend 2020, it is now important to focus more on high-quality content, storytelling and personalized content .

3. Strengthening Trust

Privacy and fake news have become a big problem for social media in recent years. Now it’s time to build trust again. Initiatives, communication, transparency, credibility – this means quickly analyzing the amount of data collected and using it correctly in order to reach consumers in a personalized way, to establish a culture of ethics in the company itself and to build an honest relationship with users.

4. Social Media Trend 2020: Innovations AR & VR

Innovations AR
Innovations AR

Since 5G, new technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

more and more important. At the moment the stone is really being set in motion and the innovative opportunity to experience digital reality anew is awakened from the slumbering beauty. AR and VR are also gaining a place in the social media trends 2020 and can make a significant contribution to new customer experiences in real time on the platforms.

Innovations VR
Innovations VR

“Here we are gaining a completely new way of addressing users. This means that we have another, creative campaign format at our disposal, which, however, has to be presented carefully to the users. Nevertheless, it holds great potential. In any case, we are already dealing with it in detail so that you can benefit to the maximum from our experience and our wealth of knowledge, “on this 2020 social media trend.

5. Hand in hand with AI

In the social media trends 2020, AI is one of the central keywords. Many experts have announced that artificial intelligence will make work enormously easier for us in a wide variety of professional groups in the coming years. Especially in everyday marketing and PR, this ensures faster and more efficient work.

With the use of AIs, we can get the most out of your advertising campaign and react more effectively to changes in the market, even in real time.

6. Social Media Trend 2020: Generational Change – Consider the needs of Gen Z.

Social Media Trend 2020: Generational Change
Social Media Trend 2020: Generational Change

Security and trust – a big issue for Generation Z, who have already grown up completely with digital media. The “YouTube generation, which has enormous purchasing power, needs to be addressed differently. This social media trend 2020 is primarily about addressing your target group directly, offering real added value, instead of distributing irrelevant content in social networks and thus creating trust in your brand.

Hyper-personalization through deep analysis of behavioral data is the order of the day!

7.  Bring micro-influencers on board

Influencer have become an important part of social life today and have established themselves on social media platforms. Influencers and marketing also play a major role for companies in the social media trends 2020. However, it is no longer just big influencers who are gaining trust – in 2020, attention should be paid to micro-influencers, who are not only more authentic, but also ideally serve niche areas.

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