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Powermatic 3

Powermatic 3 RYO Machine Buyer’s Guide

If you roll your own cigarettes, then you’ve absolutely got to check out the Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine. No question, the Powermatic 3 is a top-of-the-line tobacco injector in every possible way. In fact, the Powermatic 3 Plus is the kind of durable and flawless rolling machine that users actually rave about.

In online Powermatic 3 customer reviews, this machine receives heaps of praise. And for good reason! Below, we’ll go over every detail of the Powermatic 3. That way, you’ll be able to easily decide if it’s the perfect electronic rolling machine for your needs.

Powermatic Rolling Machines

First of all, Powermatic is a leading cigarette rolling machine brand. Owned by the Zico company, Powermatic machines have been used to simplify the lives of smokers for years.

As mechanical electronic precision injectors, Powermatic machines get your rolling tobacco into a filtered cigarette tube easily. As such, all of the devices in the Powermatic lineup can be used to make your own cigarettes from home quickly and effortlessly. All you have to do is provide the tobacco and empty filtered paper tubing.

Since 2003, these machines have been manufactured with the highest standards of innovation and design functionality. In short, the Powermatic brand is a fan favorite. This is especially true among roll-your-own enthusiasts in the United States.

Overview of the Powermatic 3

One of the newest models in Zico’s tobacco injector lineup, The Powermatic 3 is lightning fast and jam-free. This premium Electronic Cigarette Rolling Machine is a high-quality device in every way.

With its beautifully engineered design, it quickly fills cigarette tubes evenly with tobacco. All you have to do is position your filtered tubes and load loose tobacco blends into the designated area. Then, the Powermatic 3 does the rest!

Various Impressive Features

However, it doesn’t just churn out cigarettes. On top of its primary functions, this machine lets you customize and create cigarettes to match your standards. Not only can you begin making cigarettes with the push of the button, but you can also select fill density levels. On top of that, you can load it with up to 30 filtered tubes at once!

Key Features Include:

  • Easy to use one-button design

  • Large open hopper

  • Digital counter display

  • Automatic compression

  • Density selection levels

  • Jam-free tobacco injection

Selectable Cigarette Density

Sometimes, smokers prefer a tightly packed cigarette. In other scenarios, smokers like an airy and aromatic feel. Whether you’re trying to make your tobacco last longer or prefer a fully-loaded smoke, the Powermatic 3 has you covered. With selectable density levels, you can set this machine to roll your cigarettes as tightly as you like.

Push-Button Operation

To start injecting tobacco into cigarette tubes, all you have to do is press a button. Never again will you have to measure and pinch tobacco in frustration. Since the Powermatic 3 automatically senses how much tobacco to inject, you can relax. Just load in loose tobacco, press a button, and this machine perfectly and evenly injects with precision. This means no more jams, hassle, or broken tubes.

Where to Buy a Powermatic 3

If this performance electronic rolling machine sounds like the right fit for you, you’re in luck. At, you can buy your own Powermatic 3 at a great price. Plus, it will come with free shipping! Therefore, if you’re ready to start churning out cigarettes easily from the comfort of home, you easily can. Simply click the link above!

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