How To Operate Point of Sales Machines?

Point of Sales
To get to know the point of sales program there are many ways to understand the meaning and use of this point of sales program. Previously, maybe you have heard the term point of sales program or abbreviated as POS? Many opinions state that this point of sales is equated with a cash register or cash register. But physically the cash register or cash register is a calculator or a counting machine equipped with a printing machine to print a receipt. This cash register is also equipped with a drawer for storing money, but it is not equipped with a system that stores all buying and selling transactions. Usually this point of sales program is widely used in retail businesses that carry out buying and selling transactions.

What is a POS System? and It’s Program Development

Along with advances in the world of information technology, the use of hardware such as computers with various applications that support computer performance. This also affects the retail business, which functions as a cash register or cash register as a medium for point of sales . During its development, the cash register, which has become a point of sales, is equipped with a point of sales application that aims to simplify and speed up buying and selling transactions with a system that is easy to use.

Benefits of the Point Of Sales Program

In the market itself the term varies, there are those who call “store program”, or ” store software “, or ” cashier program “, or ” cash register ” or “inventory application”, or “store application”, or a fancy term ” retail system “,” inventory system “, etc. Basically it’s the same, because we can classify it as a point of sale application by looking at the basic functions of the application. By using the Point Of Sale application, we can get several benefits with the added value that can be provided, including:
  • Service Quality Improvement. By using this point of sales software , you can easily carry out the transaction process quickly and systematically, of course, very much supports the orientation of your business services to consumers and increases market interest.
  • Business Image Enhancement. Every consumer and stakeholder involved will view your business as a computerized enterprise that is well managed and professional.
  • Competitive Advantage. The application of information technology (IT) can increase the competitiveness of your company in a very tight business arena and prioritizes time efficiency, especially in the face of the global market era.
  • Ease of Controlling & Decision Making Process. You can easily do the controlling process because all reports can be provided quickly, making it easier for the decision making process both collectively and personally.
To optimize the use of the Point Of Sale Program, of course, an adequate computer device is needed as an application medium. Supporting devices such as barcode scanners that function as input media. Another device, namely a pole display that has a function to display prices to consumers. The supporting software of this point of sales program requires a cash drawer that is used as a cash storage drawer. Apart from the cash drawer, there are other tools needed to operate the point of sales program, which is a mini printer that is used to print receipts or invoices for the results of each successful transaction.
In a cashier computer, there is a point of sales software . And of course, before we decide to use online point of sales software , there are a number of things that we must know, especially regarding the  Point of Sales ( POS ) function itself:
• Record every transaction in complete and detail so that it can add up the sales results for that day.
• Can do random stock checks at any time. This reduces cheating or lack of employee thoroughness
• Business profit reports can be found online and in real time
• You can change the sale price in bulk quickly. For example, before this Eid, the price of certain products increases, you don’t need to replace them one by one, but you can make changes per supplier or per item category.
• Turnover and Inventory can be seen online and Realtime.
• Can find out what inventory of items still have quite a lot of stock so you can pay more special attention such as special promos.
• Streamline the transaction process
• Maintain transaction security
Optimized data processing and fast transaction processing. time-saving and relevant in transactions. Its current development has led to the use of a computer-based online cash register, Point Of Sales, or usually called POS Online .

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