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House Cleaning: 8 Common Mistakes That’d Be Ruining Your Results

Cleaning Tasks

When it comes to house cleaning, we probably all want to achieve the best possible results. But there are a few common mistakes that could be getting you off the track for your clean home. It’s not only vital to know how to clean your home deeply, but it’s also essential to avoid cleaning mistakes.

Well, gaining knowledge on which type of unintentional blunders you must be doing would also save your precious time. Here are eight common mistakes for which you should be careful.

Cleaning Tasks
Cleaning Tasks

Mistake #1. Not cleaning your cleaning equipment

Many people think that dishwashers and washing machines clean things, so they don’t need to be cleaned themselves. Wrong, they do require regular cleaning! Not doing it can build up residue and food particles, leading to an unpleasant odour. You’ll also begin to notice that washed utensils are coming out opaque, and clothes are smelling bad. Hence, it’s wise to clean your appliances rather than going through the second wash cycle.

Mistake #2. Using the wrong cleaning cloth

Are you wiping kitchen counters and windows with a dirty rag? If yes, then, believe it or not, you’re not making anything cleaner. Instead, you’re spreading the bacteria all over your home unintentionally. Therefore, throw away your dirty cleaning cloths, and pick up a microfiber cloth. You can anytime toss into your washing machine to refresh them, and in return, they’ll brush away all the bacteria.

Mistake #3. Not pre-soaking used utensils

If you leave pots or pans as is after completing your cooking, then you’re only allowing ingredients to settle into its skillet. After having your meal, you’ll find some sauce and cheese on the cooking utensils, which will require severe scrubbing. Hence, once you complete cooking food, make a habit of shifting food from the pot. And leave it for pre-soaking with warm and soapy water.

Mistake #4. Omitting to empty the vacuum

Only vacuuming your home to remove dirt is not enough. You must take some time to empty your vacuum cleaner and clean out its brushes. If you fail to follow this step, then you’ll end up pushing dirt around your home. You’ll also start questioning is your fancy new vacuum cleaner worth it. So, stop wondering, and take out two minutes to empty the bin and cut down on vacuuming time down the road.

Mistake #5. Cleaning in the wrong direction

Do you sweep the floor first, then wipe down the kitchen counter and cabinets? If this is your cleaning routine, then you may find dust and crumbs fallen on the cleaned floor. Embrace a habit of cleaning from top to bottom, and also learn the proper method of vacuum cleaning. Pushing it against your walls, closets, etc. will be harmful and affect your equipment too.

Mistake #6. Cleaning windows in hot temperature

It’s better to postpone sparkling your windows task when it is too hot outside. Otherwise, the cleaning products will dry out quickly, leaving the marks on your windows. Therefore, you should opt for cloudy days. It will also allow you to spot the problem areas better.

Mistake #7. Overlooking bins and reusable bags

Whether your rubbish bin is empty or full, you need to clean it once a week. If you start noticing an unpleasant odour, especially around your kitchen, then it’s a sure-fire sign of cleaning your bins. To keep this nasty smell under control, wipe it down with a cleaner that contains bleach. Along with this, wash your grocery bags too, as food bacteria might linger on them. Treat them like other fabrics in terms of care and bestow love.

Mistake #8. Not cleaning as you walk

Do you want to save time from a big weekend cleaning session? Certainly yes, then take a few minutes to clean up spills as they occur. You’ll thank yourself when Saturday rolls around. Additionally, if you have kids, then clean up their toys, papers, etc. before you go to bed. Piles of clutter will settle down, and that’ll make your weekend less tiring.


The globe has recently celebrated the “World Clean-up Day” (19th September), which aimed to combat the waste problem. Well, there’s no other place than our home to start from; if we keep our house tidy, then eventually the whole world will be free from waste. Avoiding the above common mistakes would surely help you to win this goal.

So, world, let’s join hands to participate in the civic movement and rid our planet of trash.

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