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Handyman Services For All Your Jobs In And Around The House


Carrying out jobs in and around the house often takes a lot of time and effort. To save you this time and effort, we at Handyman expert offer the services of all-round handymen all over the country, at competitive prices. Imagine you live in DC and you are looking for a DIY company for paving your terrace or installing new sanitary facilities.

When you fill in the quotation form, you will receive tailor-made quotations from various professionals in DC. An experienced handyman will then contact you for an appointment. We are happy to help you find a DIY company that meets your needs.

All-round handyman company

Every DIY company from DC that has joined us has all-round experience in carrying out jobs. This means that they can perform a wide range of activities for you without any problems. Think of the construction of a new electricity network, cleaning the gutters, or carpentry of window frames and door frames. In addition, it is also possible to make an appointment with a handyman, who will visit you in DC to discuss the jobs to be completed with you. Do you need more information about the possibilities for DIY jobs at home and the associated costs? Request multiple quotes free of charge via the quote form.

More than years of experience

If you have chosen a handyman from our network, you can assume that he has a lot of knowledge and experience in a wide field. Moreover, the quality of the jobs is assured. Every DIY company from DC that registers for our service is subject to strict selection criteria. This includes business operations and the quality of the work delivered. In addition, we always check whether the handyman has not received any complaints in the past. By using our services, you also benefit from the expertise of professionals from all over the Netherlands, because the participants can contact each other if they have any questions about a job.

Competitive prices, excellent warranty conditions

Handyman guarantee customers competitive prices and excellent warranty conditions. This includes offering practically all jobs, a high quality of execution by every handyman affiliated with partnership, and a completely non-binding and free offer of quotations. For direct contact with a recognized Handyman services in DC, fill in the quotation form. If you pass on your wishes accurately, your request for help will be answered as soon as possible.


By ‘carpentry’ most handymen mean work on frames and doors, the paneling of the outside of the house, the renovation of wooden walls, floors or stairs indoors. Carpentry can be divided into carpentry for outdoors and indoors. Exterior carpentry includes, for example, repairing the facade cladding or installing new window frames. Converting a barn is also part of carpentry. Change the atmosphere in your home by having the carpentry painted!

Electricity construction

When renovating a home, you will have to deal with carpentry, stucco, plumbing and with work on your electrical work. Installing electricity can be an extremely dangerous business. It is therefore advisable to call in an all-round handyman for this. They can support you with tips and tricks, but also with practical support. A handyman from our network has a lot of experience with connecting sockets and installing home automation. The handyman will ensure that you quickly enjoy optimal living comfort again.


Many handymen can take over the plumbing work for you. Is your sewerage blocked? Do you suffer from (roof) leaks? Or do new sanitary facilities have to be installed? A handyman does not shy away from this and will help you quickly and expertly. Plumbing is in many cases not exceedingly difficult and can therefore also be carried out by yourself. Examples of in-house plumbing are unclogging the drain or locating leaks. In this way you will save considerably on the costs of plumbing.

Relocate the water supply

Do you want the shower in a different place when adjusting the bathroom? Or do you prefer to have a double sink? In some cases, it is then necessary to move the water supply. Relocating a water pipe requires knowledge of the rules regarding legionella control and the supply and discharge of the shower water. We therefore recommend that you always ask a handyman from DC for support before relocating a water pipe.


You need some expertise to paint the outside of a building. You must also have suitable equipment. Do you need expert advice, or would you rather leave the job to a professional? It is an option to ask a winter painter for the painting. This will do the painting outdoors in the winter months. As a result, the price for the paintwork will be lower than with a standard DIY company. You do have to consider a longer job duration.

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