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Building a smart home has become easier than ever. All you need to do is invest in some useful components such as security cameras, sensors, speakers, and smart bulbs. But let’s be real here. It will cost you a lot and not to mention how much time you will have to spend in connecting them to a hub. So, what to do? Well, if your wants and needs are not really all that complicated then a few inexpensive products can easily deliver you the most convenience. Furthermore, if you make sure to buy those smart products that are compatible with each other then it will allow you to build a solid foundation that you can expand effortlessly. 

How to Build Smart Home System on A Budget 

The key is to identify which products don’t require a smart home hub to run. Sure, hubs offer many benefits like for instance, they will enable you to control everything from a single user interface. However, they are not always essential. All you need to do is make sure that you have access to a stable internet connection to operate the gadgets. I personally use Spectrum Specials to run my devices. You too can opt for the same if your provider is not delivering you the promised quality of service. Let’s not have a look at different ways which can help you build a hub-free smart home system. 

#1. Lighting 

Those who want to build a smart home can start with lighting. There are a lot of smart lighting system options that can work well without a central hub. Bulbs from TP-Link, LIFX, and CREE is an example. All you need is access to Wi-Fi in order to make them work. There is also the option of Philips Hue bulbs that can communicate via the Bluetooth radio of your smartphone. You will be able to control these bulbs with an app that you can download either on your mobile or tablet. 

#2. Speakers

If you think taking out your phone just to control the lighting is way too much then why don’t add smart speakers into the mix? You can just ask the voice assistant to turn on, dim, or turn off the lights and it will. Google Home and Amazon Echo series are the market leaders when it comes to this space. There are also other companies that are trying to compete with these two giants including Ecobee. Over the years, the popularity of smart speakers has increased tremendously mostly because they can perform any task you want them to do such as operating security cameras and smart lights. 

#3. Security Cameras

There exists a strong need for security cameras. After all, it allows one to keep a watchful eye on your house whenever you are away. Plus, indoor cameras are also important as you will easily be able to monitor your pets and children. Moreover, there are now cameras that can be fitted into doorbells. It will let you know who is standing on your front porch without you needing to check out yourself. 

#4. Thermostats 

If you are someone who wishes to adjust the temperature of your home automatically then a smart thermostat is what you should invest in. These devices can easily detect when you are home and away so that they can be operated when it is needed. You can even add sensors to thermostats which allow the device to work based on where you are in the house rather than cooling or heating according to its location. 


And there you have it. These are four of the most important components that you need to build your hub-free smart home. However, if you are interested in investing in a smart home hub then just make sure that whatever it is that you buy is compatible with one of the most common hubs, Hubitat Elevation and Samsung SmartThings.

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