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Super Simple And Cheap Ideas To Make Your Home Stunning

Your Home Stunning

How to make your home stunning? Want to change the decoration of the house? How about having a beautiful interior? Well, it is possible and without costing you a fortune! Redoing your decor is great, but it can be very expensive! Fortunately, we have selected for you 43 simple and inexpensive ideas to make your interior beautiful. How to find a straight curtain track?

  1. Hang a curtain around your bed to make your room more beautiful

These hanging curtain rods are the decorative accessory you need to separate a room and give a little more privacy to the room. Besides, it’s super romantic, don’t you think?

  1. Install braided curtains to bring a touch of elegance to your interior

A very chic idea, but also very economical!

  1. Use a cake stand in the bathroom to store your soap dispensers.

Using a cake stand to store bottles, soap dispensers, or sponges in the bathroom or kitchen, is a practical and economical storage idea. In addition, it saves you plenty of space, because the bottles are high!

4. Hide the TV cables with a simple curtain rod

When you have a TV hanging on the wall, this is the best solution to hide unsightly hanging cables.

5. Use original curtain tiebacks for each room

Necklaces, pearls, carabiners, belts … Let your imagination run wild to personalize your curtain tiebacks .

Ideas To Make Your Home Stunning

6. Use circular curtain rods to give the impression of having a larger window

These circular curtain rods give the illusion of having large windows! Smart and inexpensive to revamp a room!

7. Use gold tape to decorate your fridge

Tired of your all-white fridge? But have you seen the price of vintage colored refrigerators ? Why spend so much when you just have to give it a makeover with gold tape to have a cheap original refrigerator?

8. Add mirrors to your doors to make rooms bigger

These adhesive mirrors which are easily placed on a door have a dual function: they are of course practical for dressing, but in addition they enlarge the room.

9. Add a touch of color to your drawers

Great for decorating a child’s room easily!

10. Use 2 different colors on the wall to give an illusion of grandeur

Do you dream of an apartment with high ceilings? While waiting for the apartment of your dreams, this decoration trick gives an impression of height for really cheap! To give your room a sense of grandeur, divide your wall in half: paint a light color on the top 1/3 of the wall and another darker color on the remaining 2/3.

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Super Simple And Cheap Ideas To Make Your Home Stunning

11. Add ribbons to your shower curtain to add a touch of glamour to your bathroom

A few bows made with black ribbons and your bathroom becomes a super glamorous room! Easy, isn’t it?

12. Frame the TV in a frame the same color as your furniture

So that your hanging TV blends in with the decor, the best thing is to hang it in a frame , like a painting!

13. Install transparent colored sails to give a fairy touch to the children’s room

These colored sheer curtains bring a magical touch to a room and in addition allow to illuminate the room. Here’s a girly decor idea that all girls will love!

14. Use adhesive stickers to decorate the walls of your house

Heart, birds, tree , quotes … self-adhesive wall stickers are endlessly available in the living room, kitchen, bedroom. It’s an inexpensive decorative idea to personalize a room!

15. Here’s how to properly position a rug in a bedroom

Whether it’s a baby’s room, a teenager’s room or your own, the placement of a rug in a room cannot be improvised. The correct arrangement of the carpet under the bed is this. And it works, regardless of the size of the mat.

Ideas To Make Your Home Stunning

16. Hide storage shelves behind a curtain

No more bazaar for all to see! With these blackout curtains with belt loops , you have a simple, practical, but elegant storage tip for arranging an entrance. And it’s much cheaper than buying a storage cabinet.

17. Paint one of the walls in the room with a bright color

We would like to be able to push the walls of a room to enlarge it. But sometimes a little paint is enough! Choose a bright color present in the room to make it more modern.

18. Place the wires in an original way to make them more visually appealing

Who says electric wires are not beautiful? It all depends on how we arrange them! Here, with a little imagination, this red electric cable becomes a decorative element in its own right.

19. Change the handles of the cupboards to give them a youthful look. A little detail that changes everything!

Why not add a touch of whimsy to your dressers, wardrobes and cupboards? Just change the handles. Industrial, vintage, original and design, furniture knobs are available to suit individual tastes. I love those who have a little retro style like these .

20. Use original curtain rods to get out of the ordinary

Curtain rods are important. For a cheap curtain rod, you don’t even have to go to Ikea or Castorama! You just need to show a little imagination by using a rope, a wooden stick, a branch …

Cheap Ideas To Make Your Home Stunning

21. Hang the curtains near the ceiling to make it look like you have large windows.

To enlarge your windows, no need to do expensive work! Hanging large curtains near the ceiling is a great trompe-l’oeil.

22. Likewise, installing a long shower curtain makes the bathroom more spacious.

A bathroom is often a small room. To make it look taller, hang a tall shower curtain as close to the ceiling as possible.

23. Use pieces of wood to decorate a lamp or a rope on a floor lamp to personalize your lights.

Great idea of ​​easy and inexpensive reclaimed decoration, don’t you think?

24. Who said a laundry room was a dark and ugly room? Decorate it to make it a beautiful piece

And if you need some inspiration, here are 49 ideas to spruce up your laundry room .

25. Use adhesive tape to easily position the frames on the walls

And to make the holes in the wall without taking your head, I recommend this trick .

Ideas To Make Your Home Stunning

26. Don’t know how to hang your frames? Get inspired by these practical diagrams!

Are you wondering how to arrange 2, 3, 4 or even 5 frames on a wall in the living room or hallway? As in sewing, make a pattern with paper and tape or adhesive paste . You can also find ready-made patterns here .

27. Here’s how to position a rug in your living room

Should we put the rug under the sofa or in front of it? The location of the carpet in the living room is strategic! Here is the best way to arrange a rug in the living room.

28. No need to buy new curtains! Change their appearance by personalizing them: pompoms, embroidery …

Do you want to change the curtains? Start by personalizing them by adding a pom-pom ribbon or embroidery . And to help you sew them, here are 24 sewing tips that will make your life easier.

29. Store your laundry baskets in deep drawers

The laundry baskets , it’s very convenient, but when they hang out in the room, it’s not very nice. So here’s a simple way to hide them: put them in a deep drawer.

30. Hide the modem in a nice box …

Internet boxes are not the best for decoration! No need to buy a small piece of furniture to store it or a shelf. A pretty cardboard box is more than enough.

Ideas To Make Your Home Stunning

31. You can also put the box in the cover of a beautiful book

You can also recycle an old book cover or store it in a magazine rack, as explained here .

32. Hide a thermostat or alarm behind a panel

Thermostats, alarms … it’s not very aesthetic on a wall. On the other hand, if you hide them behind a painting, that changes everything!

33. Remove the wires from the TV with this trick

The problem with a hanging TV is the hanging wires. With this trick, they are discreet …

34. Hide your printer in a dresser drawer to save space

Printers take up a crazy space on a desk and on top of that, they catch all the dust. To save space and have a tidy desk, all you need to do is arrange a drawer to store it.

35. Use beautiful flower-shaped clips to decorate the visible cables

Instead of wanting to hide electrical wires at all costs, show them off! A few cool clips and you’re done. You can even make these decorations yourself.

The Best Ideas To Make Your Home Stunning

36. Add depth to your door using paint and tape

Give an old door a makeover with a simple paint bucket and duct tape. Before, we have an ugly door, then we have a magnificent modern door. You see, no need to go to Lapeyre!

37. Use a pegboard to cover an ugly old wall

You don’t even have to be a DIY pro to redo your kitchen! To renovate and refresh the decor of a kitchen without breaking the bank, a perforated board is a good alternative. In addition, it is convenient for hanging shelves or kitchen utensils.

38. Hide a light switch with photo frames all around it

Very nice and inexpensive this example of before / after bathroom decoration! All it takes is a few tables and storage baskets to add style to a small bathroom.

39. Makeover your bathtub easily!

Give a natural and mineral touch to your bathroom by covering the bathtub apron with stones.

40. Use hooks under your desk to hide the wires

Wires hanging under the desk, that annoy you? It is true that it is not super beautiful! Did you know that simple hooks are enough to hide them?

41. Create a charging station in a kitchen drawer of the nightstand. Just drill a few holes

It’s still better than leaving the Mac, iPhone, and iPad lying around on the counter with all the chargers, right?

42. Hang a black tarp under your desk to hide the electrical wires

Neither seen nor known, hide the wires of the computer, the printer, and the lamp behind a simple cloth fixed to your desk. You see, a clean and tidy office is easy and inexpensive!

43. Use colorful tape to give your washing machine a makeover

Of stripes, small peas on appliances … and why not? Let your imagination run free to give the washing machine and dryer a makeover! A little touch of madness in the decor that is not very expensive!

44. Add a desk at the foot of your bed to save space

Windows, shelves, cupboards … You don’t always have a free wall to install in your office. The genius idea is then to put it at the end of the bed. Not only does this create additional work and storage space, but it is also a real space saver! Practical, functional, aesthetic!

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