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The One Piece of Menswear To Steal From Every Style Tribe

One Piece of Menswear

There’s no hyperbole in saying that trends in fashion repeat themselves. Even designers agree that fashion trends remerge after every 15 to 20 years. While khaki pants are timeless, high-waisted trousers are making a comeback. The demand for vintage clothing is also seen to increase.

Though the style is important, comfort should be the priority when it comes to picking dresses. You can create your own style and comfort level by selecting one piece of menswear from every style tribe. And you can do this with freedom.

The Bomber Jacket (Streetwear)

Streetwear is an amalgamation of skatewear, hip-hop and military clothing. It is said to be originally worn by members of various urban youth subcultures, especially skaters and hip-hop music fans. The bomber jacket is perhaps the most recognized streetwear. It was first introduced as a flight jacket in World War I for pilots. Since then, it has undergone various changes.

The bomber jacket soon found its way through the streets of the States. It became a fashion symbol during the late eighties and nineties, its frequent wear coinciding with the rising popularity of rap and hip hop. The decade that began with 2010 saw artist Kanye West don customized bombers in numerous music videos and during various tours.

The popularity of the outwear went mainstream when Alpha Industries, a clothing manufacturer specializing in American military style and fashion apparel, partnered with clothing labels such as Comme des Garcons, Bape, and Stüssy. The MA-1 silhouette is the last bomber jacket of its kind. You can wear it atop a hoodie with cargo trousers or jeans to complement your streetwear.

Hoodie (Skatewear)

Long gone are the days when hoodie was exclusive to athletes. It was extremely popular with the rebellious subcultures of the eighties and nineties due to the defiant vibes associated with the garment. Both rap and skateboarding cultures adopted the hoodie. For skateboarders, hoodies provided much needed cover against illegal trespassing.

The rap culture, on the other hand, recognized the hoodie as a sign of defiance against the authorities. Even the media began projecting the image of young rappers and troubled teenagers clad in hoodies. It was worn with both loose and baggy jeans. The popularity of sportswear manufacturers like Nike and Adidas added to the growing popularity of the hoodie.

Nowadays, many underground bands have created customized hoodies with their logos to sell their work. From young adults to grown men, everybody prefers to wear hoodies in winters. The garment provides much needed protection against cold weather temperatures.

Shell Jacket (Techwear)

If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘techwear’, don’t sweat. You aren’t the only one. In simple terms, techwear is a combination of everyday utility garments and high-tech fabrics. The end product is comfortable, resilient against water, more breathable, and easy to wear. The primary difference between techwear and other tribes is that the former utilizes the monochrome camp for its tent pitches.

The garment is tailored and slim. Still confused about the shell jacket? Just recall Jackie Chan wearing one during his famous ladder fight scene in the movie “First Strike”. It is a tough-as-nails garment. It is also extremely lightweight and water resistant.

Cotton Button-Down Shirt (Ivy League)

This particular menswear was the staple wear of students during the fifties. It became the flagship dress of American’s top Ivy League universities. The cotton button-down shirt was a smart complement to suit jackets and blazers, coming off as the more aesthetically pleasing garment. It is often referred to as the Oxford shirt. Its fabric is thick and soft, giving it a casual look.

It can be worn at both casual and semi-casual occasions. You can wear it underneath a suit for a sharper look. If you want to try a more casual look, consider wearing a cotton button-down shirt with chino shorts. Moreover, it goes extremely well with a collegiate sweatshirt and a pair of chinos.

Camp Collar Shirt (Mid-century)

Mid-century is seen to make a phenomenal comeback to mainstream fashion since first introducing itself as part of attires seen in costume dramas of the fifties. Mid-century clothing is extremely popular with the fashion elite of urban centers.

A prime example of mid-century clothing is the short-sleeved camp collar shirt. This particular garment made its big comeback in 2018. Its toned V-shape and wide-cut sleeves make it seem like a print of gym-honed physiques. Modern-day incarnations of camp collar shirts project the peak fifties vibe our grandparents gave off while they were young.

These shirts work best with a pair of wider-legged trousers and dandy loaders. They are best kept neat. This clothing garment had Hollywood of the fifties written all over it. The era was defined by the likes of James Dean, John Wayne, Tony Curtis, Elvis Presley, Clark Gable, Rock Hudson, and Gary Grant.

What wonderful times were those!

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