Challenges in imports from disposable protective gowns supplier in covid-19

As the world knows it very well the covid is a disaster for the world and it is still playing with us in different ways, due to the covid many governments of different countries take extreme actions for urgent arrangement of a protective coverall for the public and the first layer of the paramedical staff.As at that time only way out for all the countries to get the fastest protection against that virus because no any good vaccine available for that at that time which can handle the situation in a smart way, but the arrangement of that disposable protective gowns is also not easy for the business community many challenges which face by them as follows

Over occupied production

During the covid attack all the protective gowns manufacturers and suppliers get over occupied and not taking orders because they know it very well, they can’t fulfil it, so at that time negotiation with them on the price, quality and the delivery become big issue as they are not even willing to talk.Due to that worst situation in the Covid it become very hard to confirm order with the suppliers as they are not willing to talk on the ordering matter as they already fully occupied in their orders, so setting up for order acceptance in that situation is near to impossible for the buyers and the countries

Hard to Get in Agreement

After the order acceptance the second stage is to come in agreement with them to process order on time and finish on time, as this is the big issue because no any supplier or manufacturer ready for those boundaries in the covid situation where they also don’t know in next few days they can work or not. As the covid is the uniform situation for all world so the commitment from the supplier side is in dark for the time fixing and fulfillment of the order as no buddy know what will happen next and how situation will turn suddenly.

Sudden exit by supplier

During the covid the main issue is this when all things get agree with the supplier and they begin to word on your orders suddenly local government of the supplier stop their operations and seal the location, so this is the big challenge because funds already they have and the time invested for all the process can’t come back.

Decline of orders

Further another issue during the covid with suppliers is that, they know that they have limited material and who ever come first for the order they will arrange delivery for them but the situation change when some buyer offer the high prices and they started to decline the previous orders with low prices.

Delay in Production

The another matter begins in two way during the covid the supplier and the manufacturer prefer to produce high price order first which means they not follow the first in first out order process, the second issue due to the natural reason as delay in material arrival and shortage of labor and similar other things.

Wrong good delivery

As during the covid we all know too rush and load at the supplier and the manufacturing hand so due to this many mishaps is the part of the process because the situation is not normal, so in those circumstances change of delivery of goods become issue, the order place by other and delivery of this order made to the other. 

Low staff and less working hours

As the limited staff quantity and less working hours for all the manufacturers and suppliers cause heavy work load and delay at other hand the local processing by the different departments also faces that issue as many things stuck in line and getting pending due to which the all process become delayed.

Delay in delivery

The delay in delivery is natural when the covid is the main cause of human distraction, where covid disturb all world machine so the delay in delivery is very small thing but it become big when it’s come to urgent delivery or emergency delivery but in that situation where covid has same impact so no buddy can solve this issue.

Loss of goods

Many time it happen when order deliver but due to natural disaster or due to accident goods get stuck in the water and in the different port so due to which it gets lost, that chances are low but happen in the rush at the port and in the vessels.

Documentation Errors

In the import documentation errors matter a lot and due to this it cause huge waste in time and money which is big issue if the situation is like covid where need to complete all task in limited time period because of limited staff and less working hour, that is the big challenge for most of the imports and also big issue for the suppliers as they not get proper payments.

Change in government policies

As the import is the long process and government policies can be change at any time which means either goods in the sea or in the production change in costing is possible so the import is the open game for the importers as its result could be change at any time, so during the covid it is also a big challenge for the importers.

Change in currency valuation

The currency appreciation and depreciation both has big effect on the import deals as they payment of all goods and its process associated with the foreign currency so the change in the exchange rate means the change in the costing and requirement of the funds so setting up backup for the import trade is better and secure even when the covid on head. As the countries situation during the covid is unseen so the requirements also unable to predict.


The handling of  Disposable protective gowns supplier is not easy in the covid situation where the demand and supply pressure on its peak, so it is better to plan things in advance with multiple suppliers.

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