Fragrance Blending: Art Of Mixing Different Scents To Get Unique One

Fragrance Blending

The fragrance has the potential to trigger certain emotions and leave long-lasting memories. Everyone wants to have a unique perfume in the vast collection of fragrances stored on the upper shelf of the wardrobe.

In the race of finding unique and alluring fragrances, scent selling companies are striving hard to outshine. Mixing different fragrances may sound easy, but it is not that simple. It is so because you cannot simply add different fragrances in any ratio. It is a big err!

Aromas can trigger emotions and memories and that’s why we cannot randomly start mixing any random scents. The Pea-size olfactory lobe in the front of the brain is an integral part of the limbic system, which is responsible for managing emotions and memories. Following rules and regulations are imperative to reduce the probability of unexpected ramification.

Deep research is important before mixing different essential oils. Tea and rose oils form the unique and perfect blend. We recommend you to try tea rose oil perfume because it is classic and amazing. Integrating scents is an art and the entire process is fun-filled and overwhelming because you do not know what you will get.

Want to drift off in the aromatic nostalgic happiness? Lets’ study the techniques of mixing aromas in detail.

  • Fragrance Perception

You may have heard that different persons have different perceptions related to the fragrance. You may also have conversations with your friend in which claim that floral fragrances are better than woody scents. Everyone has different likes and dislikes, so different persons prefer different perfumes.

Techniques of blending aromas are quite personal and creative activities. Thus, my suggestion is to start the mixing process with those essentials oils that are at the top of your list. After that, you should start creating the perfume blends for others.

Understand Aromatic Notes 

Well said that “A fragrance is a veritable story, told and explained in scents, in notes, and expressions.” Therefore, to blend the aromatic notes appropriately, you should first enhance your skills and knowledge about aromatic notes. Expert aromatherapists categorize aromas into notes.

The aroma notes are quite similar to the language of music, like the notes of the chord.The aromatic essential oil can be categorized into the top, middle, and base notes. Though individual oils are primarily classified into single and dominant notes.

Every Blend Contain Three Main Notes

Deep knowledge of fragrance notes is imperative to add the right fragrance and come up with desired results. Want to make a unique fragrance blend for you? Study fragrance notes in detail which are described below:

Top Note: Initial Burst Of Fragrance

The first impression of the blend is due to the top note and it is often a characteristic feature of the oil. The top note has a sharp tone, diffuse quickly, and fades away in a trice.

Middle Note: Heart Of The Fragrance

The middle note can last for long (usually up to 2 hours). This fragrance note appears after fading away from the top note. The middle note is known as the heart of fragrance because it is pleasant and mostly loved by most people. Moreover, it helps in bring up the base note of the perfume.

Base Note or Fixative: Linger On Skin For Hours 

This aroma note appears too much later when the middle note fades away. This note lets the aromatic blend stay for hours. It lingers on the skin even for more than 24 hours. That’s why it is also termed as a “fixative note.” The final note will give the true sense of the aromatic blend. The base note of the fragrance is completely different from the base oil. The base oil is mostly used for dilution purposes in the essential oils.

Integrating Essential Oils 

The key to getting the perfect fragrance blend is to believe that you will surely get pleasing results. Start with a positive gesture, think creatively, and you will get it. Start with the essential oils that fall in the same olfactory category. While going beyond, you should choose those essential oils which are closer to each other. We recommend you start with five essential oils.  

  • Start blending fragrances drop by drop. Take droppers and mix various scents with the help of essential oil. Start with those which you enjoy the most.
  • Carry out an organoleptic test with all those essential oils which you have selected. You should drop the essential oils blend on the perfume strip and move it in a circular motion. Now take it close to your nose to smell the aromatic mixture.
  • Leave the strip for 10 to 30 minutes and let the essential oil blend evaporates. Smell the testing strip again. It is the true fragrance of the essential oils blend. Repeat the experiment with different essential oils if you do not like this fragrance blend.

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