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Ideas and inspiration for Ikea beds


Good sleep and a good night’s sleep are essential for a healthy and balanced life. For this reason, a nice bed, a comfortable mattress and cozy pillows are of enormous importance. The Swedish furniture store Ikea has an enormous selection of beds ready for you, which not only beautify your bedroom , but also prepare sweet dreams.

Whether a double bed for you and your partner, a cot for your little ones or a guest bed for friends, family and acquaintances – the simple Scandinavian look of the different bed frames, the high-quality slatted frames and mattresses as well as wonderful bed linen for young and old make it possible to relax Favorite hobby – sleeping – to be combined with a stylish interior design.

High-quality box spring beds for more sleeping comfort

A lot of people go to Ikea because not only can you find beautiful sofas , beds, wardrobes and home accessories here, but above all, cheap prices. But even if the quality of the furnishings is not always comparable to that of the luxury furniture stores, the Scandinavian furniture giant has taken one thing to heart: the health of its customers.
And for Ikea, this also includes sleeping in a nice bed and on a body- or back-friendly mattress.

The new box spring beds in particular have fallen in love with sleep and furnishing lovers because they not only look amazing, but also offer the highest possible level of comfort.
With an upholstered backrest, they invite you to sleep and make reading, lounging around and watching TV much more comfortable.

Hemnes – that extra dose of cosiness for your bedroom

When you think of Ikea, it’s mostly a name everyone knows: Hemnes .
The popular furniture series in traditional style is available for all areas of your home and beautifies your rooms with an extra dose of style and comfort.

The Hemnes bed is made of solid wood and is available in two colors and four sizes. While the white single bed with a mattress width of 90cm is the dream come true in a romantic girl’s room , the 140, 160 and 180 models in white or black-brown could be just the thing for your bedroom.

Supplemented by the associated bed boxes matching bedside tables and Hemnes dresser you are creating plenty of storage space and a harmonious overall picture of what the desire of a nice, tidy sleeping area can come true.

But because it is just as nice to make your sleep visit a pleasure, the day bed from the Hemnes series is the perfect bed frame for your guest area. Decorated with beautiful pillows, the multifunctional piece of furniture is a couch during the day and turns into a cozy cuddly bed at night.

Malm and Brimnes for clear lines and a modern design

The bed frames Malm and Brimnes are the modern geniuses for your bedroom.
While the sleek, beautiful bed frame of the Malm series can be expanded with additional drawers or a bed box, the storage space under the bed is included with Brimnes .

For the perfect look, we recommend buying the corresponding headrest, which, with additional hidden storage space, is the perfect storage space for your favorite books.
Do you prefer curved lines and a playful design? Then you should take a look at the “Leirvik” bed frame. With its curved metal frame, it exudes a nostalgic charm and creates a beautiful, romantic ambience.

Loft beds – the space saver for small apartments

In large cities in particular, housing shortages and high square meter prices are the order of the day. For this reason it is sometimes necessary to get by with a little less space. But Ikea also offers a great solution for this: stylish loft beds .

What used to be found only in children’s rooms now saves the lives of those living in small one-room apartments. Because the beds on stilts are by no means only suitable for children and impress with their double bed size and modern design. With a bed area of ​​140cm width, Tromsö and Storå are real sleeping and space miracles, the free floor space of which is ideal for a desk or a cozy corner sofa. In this way, you can visually delimit your bedroom, even if all living areas are in one room, and enjoy your privacy to the fullest.

Let yourself be inspired now by the beautiful and individual photos of our members and convince yourself of the many possible uses and combinations of the tasteful and affordable Ikea beds.

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