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4 Creative Ways to Transform Old Shed into a Playhouse

You have a new shed in your backyard! Cool, isn’t it? Now is the perfect time to do the
your old shed to the new one. space will become free. What will you do with the free space?
Let us give you an idea of transforming the shed into a playhouse window kit for your
kids to have a fun time. Check out some interesting ways to give it a transformed look!

1. Dressing up the walls
You can get creative with your playhouse by painting the interiors to give it a colorful
look.hanging up the posters, prints, and even their own illustrations. Avoid the nail holes in the
shed and use tape or some adhesive strips to dangle the artwork.

2. Lightening of playhouse
What about the evening? Lighten up the playhouse with few LED portable lanterns to provide light to kids. Don’t let the darkness ruin their play fun. These lanterns generate very little heat and safely lighten up the playhouse of kids for the evening board games, crafts, and other game rounds.

3. Floor decoration
Don’t rush to the carpet store to get the new things for the playhouse for kids. You can do
adjustments with the second-hand things into the playhouse. Pay a visit to the second-
hand furniture store or go to some store to find the perfect carpet that suits the shed size
well. As you ensure that the second-hand carpet is clean and does not contain any
damage, the kids will love the soft surface on the shed to move around. Shop for zigzag
patterns, stripes, and different shapes. This will add more decor elation to your shed or

4. Instinct windows
There are many options you can use to provide bent to the playhouse window frame of
the playhouse or shed. The drape curtains can be used on the windows, go for a superhero
or cartoon character loved by your kid. The decorative window film is very easy to apply
and gives a new look to the plain windows. One more thing you can add for the creative

look is hanging the LED lights around its border. This will give an appealing look to the
window and an exciting feel to the kids.

What more you can do?
What is the best thing about a playhouse? It is a space owned by kids and only kids. The other
creative things are to put a low table in the middle space for different games and kids can come
up with the beanbag, chairs, and pillows. Make it rocking by playing music at the playhouse of
the kid’s choice. enjoy eating along with playing. Kids will love that! place a bookshelf at one corner to hold board games, crayons, puzzles, glue, and other stuff that
kids love playing with. This will make the playhouse more comfortable and exciting for the little

Bottom Lines
Playhouse is an important place that your kids love being into. They spend much of the hours in
the space to enjoy their favorite activities with their loved ones. comes to celebrating their personal space. The space, small windows for the playhouse, and all the other areas of the shed come playhouse make it a great space for the kids that love to play in the outdoors.
More time with the kids. the old shed is shifted to a new one, you can utilize the space for your kids. arranging picnics at the place. Bring creativity and rock the playing time with your kids at the playhouse!

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