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7 Easy and Quick Hairstyles For Girls 2022

Stunning hair style

A new year begins and the little ones also want to renew themselves. We leave you 7 hairstyles for girls 2022 , the most beautiful of the school. Ponytail lemonade braids is also a beautiful hairstyle. This hairstyle will make your girl feel like a rock star.

New Hairstyles For Girls

Thinking of new hairstyles for girls ? We know that for you, who always want the best for your daughters, it is sometimes difficult to renew ideas or take the time to comb them as many times they would like. It happens to all parents. You’re not alone.


If now that the year starts, you are looking at some alternatives for your daughter to look even more beautiful, modern and wear her hair up to school (which is highly recommended to prevent lice and protect her hair from a young age ), this article is for you. We leave you here 7 hairstyles for girls 2022.

1. Braided headband

One of the best options when it comes to braids for girls . It is easy to create an amazing headband for your princess. Make two braids starting at each ear and then crossing over your head. Secure it with bobby pins.

You remove the hair from her face and leave her super trendy with these hairstyles for girls 2022.

2. Half train with braid

It can be done as in the image or – much simpler – with a normal braid that you know how to do. Who said you can’t wear braids and keep your hair down at the same time? Of course, you can do this. Take a thick section of hair from the crown and braid it. Optional: You can decorate the braid with flowers, with a bead, or leave it simply collected with pigtails.

3. Crown braid

Every daughter is a princess to her parents. So why not create a princess hairstyle for her? This crown braided around her head looks like a real crown. The image of this girl is overloaded with tenderness. It is a gorgeous hairstyle for all seasons. You can decorate it with flowers in summer, if you want.

To do this, you must weave two braids from behind the ears and join them.

4. Side braid with mini braid trim

It is nothing more than the typical side braid , one of the easiest you can do. This is a good choice for girls. It will give them comfort and style. This simple braid combined with a micro braid will make your little girl look like a doll. It is a perfect hairstyle for school days and also for other occasions.

5. Side bun

Who Said Buns Are Only For Teenagers And Mature Women? It is also a great option for girls. This braided side bun will give your little girl comfort and style. So next time, when you get bored of that simple braid, try this side bun and make her happy.

6. Fishtail braids

They are super fashionable and are also a very versatile hairstyle for girls. There are many options and ways to style it. This fishtail braid is creative and unique and no stylist is required to create it. We leave you a tutorial below the image so that you know how to do it:

7. Another side braid

A new variant of the typical side braid will allow your little girl to change her look in 2022. The double lace braid is much looser. It takes a few minutes to make and is ideal for both school and special occasions.


Hope this article helpful for you. Try these easy hairstyles at anytime to look more attractive in front of others. Well, I personally like these types of hairstyles a lot. In shameless season 12 , Kate Miner’s hairstyles are fabulous.

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