Planning Birthday Surprise for a Friend Who has Their Birthday On Christmas


Birthdays are certainly one of the most special days of our life because it is the day when everyone treats you like a Queen or King. It is the day that is dedicated to you. This is the day when everyone is on a mission to make you feel special. It is the day when everybody is concerned about your happiness. Therefore, birthdays are definitely one of the most awaited occasions throughout the year. People are often excited for their birthdays but more than our birthdays, we often experience more excitement  for the birthdays of our loved ones. People often order online cake, buy gifts, balloons and candles for their friends and family members in order to plan surprises for them and make their birthdays the best one. thereby making it the most memorable celebration of their life. 

Happy occasion cake

The joy of a birthday becomes double when it is accompanied along with some other happy occasion such as a festivity. If you have a birthday marked on your calendar that falls on the same day as the festival of Christmas then you must be blessed with dual happiness. If you have your friend’s birthday falling on the same day when Santa Claus arrives along with his gifts then you must be looking forward to holding the best birthday celebration for your dear best friend. We are here to provide you with some helpful tips that can assist you plan the best surprise for your friend’s birthday. thereby making it the best Christmas celebration and birthday surprise for them

Plan a Christmas theme birthday party

Birthday parties are often planned around some special theme so to make it extra joyful, you can plan a birthday party that revolves around the theme of Christmas. You can have the party decor in a combination of red and white. You can also Plan some Christmas-related decor for the birthday party venue. Besides that, you can decorate a Christmas tree and make the venue look even more beautiful for your best friend’s birthday. 

Order a special cake for celebrating dual happiness

No doubt, it’s the birthday of your dearest friend so you would be planning to get a cake for them. Instead of getting a regular birthday cake you can send cakes online and enjoy the dual celebration of your best friend’s birthday and Christmas together. You can order a two tier cake, one that wishes Happy Birthday to your best friend and the other that could bring Christmas cheers to them. 

Become your best friend’s secret Santa

Christmas is the season of giving we all know. therefore it becomes mandatory to get gifts for your friends and other family members on the occasion of Christmas. However, if Christmas is being accompanied along with your best friend’s Birthday then it becomes mandatory for you to surprise your best friend with two gifts or make cake delivery in Lucknow. One for their birthday and the other for Christmas. You can also become your best friend’s secret Santa and surprise them with a gift that they always wanted to have. something that was always on their wish list but they could never get it done for them. 

Let it be a surprise for your friend

Do not tell your friend that you are planning a duo surprise for them. After all, surprises are loved by everyone so let the Christmas party be a surprise for them. Your friend would surely love to know that you are so thoughtful that you plan both a birthday and a Christmas party together for your friend thereby making it absolutely delightful. 

Some music and lots of dance and cake

What could be a celebration without there being a DJ? so make sure that you choose the best party playlist for your best friend’s birthday. Besides the best party playlist for your best friend’s birthday party, bring all your friends together and dance until your legs start aching. After all, it is such a happy occasion and probably the last celebration of the year so make sure that you enjoy it the most. 

Make sure you plan the best birthday surprise for your best friend. After all, it is their special day and they deserve all the happiness in the world. Besides that, you must also bring Christmas cheers to your friend because it is the season of joy. It is a season of giving so you must impart happiness, joy and positivity for your friend.

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