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Best alarm house 2021 | Alarm systems with camera, Prices comparison and installation

The best alarm system for the house really helps to prevent burglary. In addition, there are also many free things that you can easily do to live more safely.

The best alarm system for the house really helps to prevent burglary. In addition, there are also many free things that you can easily do to live more safely. Check out the tips if you’re considering an alarm.

Simply making your home safer
The crime figures in our country unfortunately do not lie. After a burglary, many people no longer feel safe in their own home and it usually takes a long time before they can sleep peacefully again.

Top 10 best alarm system reviews 2021

1 eTiger S6

The new generation of wireless alarm systems from eTIGER guarantee even more security , reliability and ease of use. The system works via WIFI and the optional SIM card. This ensures that your system continues to work when the power goes out. The eTiger S6 is the best alarm house.

You will receive notifications in the new eTiger Home app. There you also create your own settings and settings for the alarm system and accessories. You create zones, add users and give specific rights to these users.

And do you want to expand the system? No problem, because eTIGER has a very wide range of accessories such as extra sirens for indoor and outdoor use, long range magnetic contacts, smoke detectors, water detectors, keypads and much more to optimally protect your home. Connect up to 50 accessories to your system .

In addition, you can connect the new smart home alarm systems from eTIGER, the S5 and S6, to the new IP cameras . Four different cameras are available, both for indoor and outdoor use. Choose the camera that suits you best and receive images of the uninvited guest directly on your smartphone or tablet.

The eTIGER S5 and S6 alarm systems are also the start of your own smart home. Connect the smart plugs, smart sockets and smart lamps from eTIGER all in the eTIGER app to your alarm system. For example, you can turn on the lighting when the alarm goes off. Or simply control your devices from the comfort of your home. You can operate the new generation eTIGER products not only via the eTIGER app, but also via voice control with the Google Home speaker or Amazon Alexa.


  • Easy to assemble
  • High quality
  • Keeps working even if the power goes out


  • No comprehensive manual

2 Chuango G5 Plus

After the G5 Alarm System has been Chuango’s showpiece for a few years, the G5+ Alarm System has now entered the market. An updated version in which nothing has changed in appearance. However, the feedback from customers has been listened to. What has changed? You can also program a program in advance to automatically switch the system on, off or partially on certain days/times.

In addition, the G5 + alarm system still offers countless options for securing your home, business premises, garage box, boat or office. Without disturbing drill holes or unsightly, unconcealed cables, the control panel and the detectors are installed in no time. Easy to expand with multiple sensors, remote controls and RFID magnetic tags. No more recurring monthly alarm system costs or expensive control room subscriptions! That is past tense. The system only calls and/or texts in case of calamities, so if nothing happens, it won’t cost you anything.

Smartphone App
A free App is available for the G5 alarm system. Download the App and you can easily change settings wherever and with what you want, install telephone numbers and even switch the system on or off remotely. The App is available in both the Apple and Google play store. Optionally, the Chuango IP116 IP camera and the E5 smart sockets can be controlled with the same APP (sold separately).

Up to 50 wireless sensors can be connected to the system, each of which can be named individually. For example, you will receive an SMS with the message: front door open or overflow movement. We can also pre-program this for you free of charge when purchasing a system. This is also easy to change afterwards with simple text messages or via the App on your phone.

The alarm system only recognizes the telephone numbers that have been enrolled on the system. You can easily make changes (also remotely) with your own telephone by means of SMS or by using the free smartphone App. People always receive feedback from this so that they know for sure that the change has been successful. Other telephone numbers that could possibly cause harm and that are not connected to the system can therefore do nothing at all. The system works anywhere in the world, including in your holiday home in Switzerland, USA and Spain.


  • Rfid Magnet Tags
  • Speed ​​dial on the base station
  • voice memo
  • Anti-sabotage


  • No counter numbers for service

3 Residential safe ALARM-03

This WoonVeilig ALARM-03 Alarm system with a control panel, remote control, 2 motion detectors and door/window contact is one of the best alarms for the home. The alarm system works very nicely with Hue lamps and that makes it fun too!


By linking the Hue White and Color lamps to the alarm system, both elements communicate with each other. For example, you can set the lights to flash red when there is a break-in or to switch on the light automatically in the evening . Both the alarm system and the Hue lamps can be controlled via the app on your phone.

The best alarm for your home

This alarm system works really well and so you are always and everywhere aware of the safety in your home. Several companies and home magazines have already tested the alarm and it is often at the top of the list of the best alarms. This is one of the reasons why it is also the best alarm for our home.


  • Really helps to keep burglars out in the house
  • Easy to install alarm at home
  • Affordable alarm at home
  • Works with the beautiful Hue lamps


  • You have to install the alarm first

4 Somfy Protect Home

The Somfy Protect Home Alarm System is a good stop against burglary. The idea that someone has broken into your home. Walked through your house, looking for valuables. You don’t have to think about it. You actually want thieves or burglars to just leave your house alone. And it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night. This camera does its safe job under all circumstances.

The IntelliTAG™ is the only door and window sensor that warns of attempted break-ins BEFORE the burglars have arrived. He recognizes the difference between a ball hitting the door or a door being forced.

And your pets? With the smart motion detector, animals up to 25 kilos can happily run and jump through the image without the alarm going off.

For your own convenience, you get two special Key-Fobs (for your key ring) with which you can switch the alarm on and off. Better yet, as soon as you are near your house, the system ‘sees’ that you are at the door and switches off automatically. Quite handy if you just have your hands full.

The Somfy outdoor camera is part of the very complete Somfy Protect Plug & Play security range and is compatible with major smart home systems such as IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • All-round alarm system: all corners secured, complete with siren
  • Smart door/window sensor
  • Motion detector that ignores pets
  • Plug & Play: installed and active in 10 minutes
  • Somfy app


  • Pricey

5 Blaupunkt SA 2900-R

With Blaupunkt’s alarm systems, you can be sure that you are in the right place. These are of top quality and easy to install by yourself.

The Blaupunkt SA2900-R Smart GSM Wireless Alarm System is the successor to the widely acclaimed SA2700 GSM Alarm System. The SA2900-R has some great upgrades that make it even more secure and give you more options.

Installation, mounting and operation is very simple. Just like the SA2700 GSM set, the basic programming of the Blaupunkt SA2900-R is done in 3 easy steps. After that, the system offers many options to adapt it to your wishes. One of the improvements in the system is that there is now also a language selection, so that the system can be operated in different languages.

Thanks to professional encryption, communication between the accessories is secured. This prevents potential intruders from copying the signal you transmit to the alarm panel and using it later to disarm the system themselves. This is a major improvement of the SA2900-R Smart GSM Wireless Alarm Set. It provides you with an even more secure system.

The Blaupunkt Alarm and Smart Home Systems offer you the opportunity to arrange your own security. You are in control of what and how you want this. If you prefer not to take action yourself in the event of an alarm, but prefer to do this via an alarm center, the SA2900-R offers you the option to do so. The alarm system contains the two most common protocols used by monitoring centers (the SIA and ContactID protocol). As a result, you can also choose, in consultation with a control center, to forward the alarm messages from the system to a control center.


  • Easy installation
  • Expandable at the touch of a button
  • Tamper protection


  • Not the cheapest option

6 Gigaset All You Need Alarm Box

Secure your home with the Gigaset All You Need Alarm Box. The set consists of a base station, smart HD IP camera, motion sensor and magnetic contact. Via the app on your smartphone, you can watch live from anywhere at home. Recording footage is no problem at all. Save the video in the cloud for up to 30 seconds for free for 2 days.

You need a subscription to record longer video material. Close this via the app. Easily adjust all elements to each other. When the motion sensor is turned on and detects motion, the IP camera will automatically turn on and start filming. You will then receive a remote push message and e-mail that there is a problem at your home. The installation is plug & play. You can get started right away without drilling and screws.


  • Smartphone notifications
  • Always insight via IP-Camera
  • Handy smartphone app


  • Smartphone is required to operate the system

7 ClickOnClickOff ALSET-2000

Complete set to protect your home from unwanted visitors. The included sensors warn you via the loud siren if a door or window is opened or if movement is detected.

With the remote control you can easily switch your alarm system on and off. You can easily add multiple sensors and/or remote controls as desired (a maximum of 16 devices can be used in combination with the siren). By combining this set with the OCTOPUS Control station, you can also switch your alarm on or off via your tablet and/or smartphone and receive push notifications when you are not at home.


  • Water Resistant Siren
  • Anti-sabotage
  • Easy installation
  • Cheap


  • Not the most top quality

8 Honeywell Evohome HS922GPRS

Evohome security is a wireless security system that allows you to view and control your home. Wherever you are. This way you can always check if everything is in order via the app. And if something happens, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone.

Every home is different. With our accessories it is easy to put together the perfect alarm system yourself – whether you live in an apartment or in a detached house. In this way you adapt it to your personal lifestyle and the composition of your household. For the ultimate ‘peace of mind’.

You have the option to expand up to 32 components. The system grows effortlessly with you. From a pet-immune motion detector or glass break detector to a panic button for a vulnerable family member – you decide what you want to protect.

When you leave the house and activate the security system, the heating will automatically lower – all you need is a Round Connected clock thermostat or evohome smart zone control. Saving energy has never been so easy.

This premium package is ideal for apartments or smaller homes where the internet connection or power supply is less reliable. The package includes an Evo home security hub with GPRS, wireless pet immune motion sensor, wireless door and window sensor, wireless tag reader with built-in siren and 2 tags.


  • Easy to install and expand
  • Works with Honeywell Connected thermostats
  • Expandable up to 32 components


  • Only one person can log in

9 Home8 Security

The Home8 Ultra-Secure Starter Kit is a beautifully designed and extremely smart alarm system. The Home8 kit has everything you need to get your security and home automation off to a flying start. The  So you can protect a room and a door or window “out of the box”. And the installation is really a piece of cake. And it’s completely free with no monthly costs.

The security shuttle is the brain behind the Home8 Ultra-Secure Wireless Alarm System. T In the main module, which is not much larger than a mobile phone, there is a siren of 110dB that, in case of danger, at least gives an uninvited guest a good start. In addition, the security shuttle ensures that notifications are sent in the event of an emergency.
The connected Wi-Fi cameras immediately start recording
The Security Shuttle activates the siren and immediately sends alarm messages to all authorized users


  • Handy app
  • Perfect picture from the cameras
  • High Quality


  • Soft sound alarm

10 Gigaset Smart Home Alarm L

You can operate the Gigaset Smart Home Alarm System L via the app on your smartphone (iOS and Android). The package consists of a base station, motion sensor, siren, IP camera and 3 magnetic contacts. Do you want to expand the package? This is possible up to 25 sensors. Think, for example, of an extra IP camera or water sensor.

You will receive a notification and app upon detection. The base station works on mains power. The individual sensors are battery operated. This gives you a free placement option. Keep in mind that the distance between the sensors and the base station is approximately 50 meters.

  • Smartphone notifications
  • More devices for a larger home/family
  • Handy monitoring at home via the cameras


  • You need a smartphone to operate the system

Best home alarm

Which home alarm and therefore also which provider ultimately best suits your needs, depends of course on what they are exactly.

Types of alarms

An alarm system is an electronic system that provides an alarm system in the event of dangerous events. A common term is burglar alarm, but current alarm systems usually have several options, such as signaling fire, theft, with a personal alarm, etc. The systems you see in the table above are good alarm systems that you can install yourself.

In addition, you can of course outsource the installation of a ‘professional’ alarm system at home to a company. Then you pay more and you also receive extensive advice in advance. Such a company can also install specials such as a gas detector, etc. The question of what the best alarm is for your home is therefore a personal one. If you attach great value to such a consultation, it is certainly recommended. Of course, if you do your own research and correctly install a self-bought alarm, it also works well.

2 Parts

An alarm system is actually very simple because it consists of 2 parts:

  • 1 Detection, so is there a break-in?
  • 2 Signaling, what happens after it is detected?

Ways of Detection:

  • Manually pressing the app in your phone or pressing a button
  • Motion detection. These spatial detectors detect movement in a room. If something moves, a system kicks in and, for example, a light turns on
  • Glass Break Detector: This sensor reacts to sound waves from glass breakage
  • Vibration detector or seismic detector. These detectors respond to vibrations. One can think of the vibration that occurs when a wall or door is broken or the vibration that occurs when a hole is drilled in something, such as a safe door.
  • Magnetic contacts. These detectors are also called reed contact switches. These detect, for example, a door or window that opens. Use is made here of make contacts, but also break contacts and changeover contacts
  • Infra-red. With an infrared detection system, the change of infrared temperature movement is measured
  • Ultrasonic waves or microwaves. These systems use the Doppler effect
  • Tilt detection. This detector reacts to the lifting of a machine or a vehicle. In the past, a mercury switch was also used for tilt detection
  • Smoke alarm. A common detection system is a smoke detector . This system gives a sound signal to the environment, but can also send a signal to an emergency centre.
  • Infra-red. With an infrared detection system, the change of infrared temperature movement is measured
  • Water detector. A water detector reacts when water is detected. This can be the case, for example, when leakage occurs in a certain room. A water detector will also be activated in the event of flooding
  • gas detector. These detectors are activated in the event of a gas leak. There are various gas detection systems that can detect for example natural gas or carbon monoxide or other gases
  • Heat detector. A heat detector reacts to flames or overheating

Making sure unwanted guests stay outside

All these things contribute to making your home safer and to ensure that evil miscreants stay outside.

Signal to a system

Then you can choose between

  • A Reporting
  • B Do not report to an emergency room/company/police
  • NB Of course you will see and / or hear this yourself on your phone


Then, of course, something has to be done. That sensor, a detection system, detects a change in the environment and sends a signal to a system based on this. Based on this signal, a process can start.

What happens after the notification?

All this can happen after the message:

  • Sound alarm system on site
  • Light alarm system on site
  • Sound house alarm on site
  • Close roller shutters and close other things such as fencing automatically
  • Message to person at home
  • Message to person outside home
  • A light will come on on a screen or sound off where that company goes further
  • Such as going by, calling the house and/or the owner
  • And of course a combination of the above signals

Silent alarm

Sometimes there is no light and sound on the spot to catch the perpetrators in the act. We call this a silent alarm.

Alarm house

But let’s get back to the heart of the question: why would you want to choose an alarm? Security is increasingly important these days. This market is quite nascent and the solutions out there often turn out to be very efficient.

Nevertheless, safety simply requires careful consideration of your home. It is often simple things that make your own home or business ( company alarm ) considerably safer. We are talking about security cameras, lighting and locks.


Outdoor lighting provides extra safety. The lights outside turn on automatically when someone approaches. Not the light itself, but also the click of switching on will have an effect. Since burglars do not like to be illuminated in their unsavoury activities, they prefer a house where it is dark and remains quiet. Outdoor lighting with a motion detector therefore easily provides even more safety in and around your home. In addition, it is of course easy for when you come back to your house in the dark.

back door

About 1/3 of all home burglaries happen through the side or back door. In addition to sturdy frames, the alarm system is a first step in making your home burglar-proof. In addition, it is recommended to provide individual security for the doors and windows. There are many different security locks / hinges, second and third locks that you can use.


If you look purely at the locks, there are the security cylinder, the security fitting and the multi-point lock. Use them in combination with each other for optimal home security that doesn’t cost too much. If you have them installed at the same time as alarm systems, you drastically reduce the chance of burglaries.

Security locks are much sturdier than a regular lock. A security lock is very difficult to manipulate by burglars. With a security lock you are better protected against burglary. A security lock is definitely recommended for external doors (front door or back door).


Because a burglary and strange people in the house can make a pretty intense impression, prevention is really much better than cure. It is therefore important to properly secure your house with locks, lighting and a fence, because with these technical improvements you can make it really difficult for a burglar, preferably too difficult. The average burglary time of 30 seconds to enter is then slightly higher and with an alarm this time span can be extended much more.

Good alarm for home

It is often very simple, a thief wants to get in as quickly as possible and leave as quickly as possible without making a sound or being visible. If he doesn’t succeed easily due to good security and your alarm , he can change his mind and go to another house. Not pleasant for the other person without an alarm in the house, but good for your belongings and peace of mind. An alarm can help with that.

Relying on a solid alarm
Naturally, you must be able to rely on a good alarm system. If you want to take serious care of safety, it is only logical that they use alarm systems of the best quality.

5 minute rule

You may know the 5 minute rule where after 30 seconds to get into an average house, burglars need 4 minutes to search for the loot and another 30 seconds to leave the house. The harder it gets for them to get in or get noticed, the harder it is for them and that’s what you want of course. Fortunately, there is quite a lot you can do to gain a few seconds.

Make breaking in more difficult

You can do the following things yourself before considering an alarm:

  • Stand in front of your house and think about what you would break into
  • Think an improvement per ‘weak point’
  • Finish those improvements

Most points for improvement are:

  • Make doors more visible through lighting / pruning shrubs and trees
  • Motion-detection scare lights with lights coming on suddenly
  • Applying security locks to doors and openable windows of the frames
  • Stickers of security / alarm lights facade / ‘Here is watching the dog’, this really works
  • Time switches on lighting

In addition, you can look beyond your home and also look at yourself:

  • Break routines like always having a car in your driveway
  • Social safety through agreements with neighbors (help them too)
  • Change curtains open/close moments
  • Remove mail (or have it removed)
  • (have) mow the grass
  • Have the best blinds / shutters operated

Please note: no house is as safe as Dagobert’s Money Warehouse 🙂

guard house

With a smart home you can also do more and more with your home remotely, such as control the alarm house itself and view camera images. In some houses you can see the lamp of the alarm against the facade and you may have already seen that some have to enter a pin code to enter the house.


These are alarm systems for the house, but there are also alarm systems that you cannot see because it can also attract burglars.


And so there are two currents, one does not want to wake up sleeping dogs and the other group wants to scare off the burglars with the lamp. These people choose very consciously to show burglars that their home is secured. What is a good system and what can you do for free to make your home safer?

Alarm or no alarm?

Recently there was a survey by Statistics Netherlands and the results were quite striking about the choice of whether or not to alarm. Only 1 in 9 families has an alarm while the amounts. are not too bad and the number of burglaries has increased by 24%. According to them, this is due to social media and the recession. Burglars simply ‘need’ more money and valuables and social media makes it easier to find whether you are in the house or not.

What else you can do
Before you consider an alarm, social media such as Twitter and Linkedin are therefore a point of attention because it is better to prevent than to cure. The absence assistant in your email is therefore also unwise to use. Because if you only mention that you will read the mail in 1 week, burglars can guess that there is a good chance that you are actually on vacation. This all sounds simple and luckily it is, so it’s easy to avoid.

Installation alarm

You can of course purchase an alarm system yourself and place it in your house, but then what? Which system is best for your situation? Which model and brand should you choose? What about the warranty? What band (xxx Mhz) should your wireless connection be set to (for example, if you have the best wireless alarm system )? Control room or not? What if your neighbor is on this same band? You must of course first have an answer to these and other questions that you may have before you can purchase an alarm system. So you see that installing an alarm system yourself can still raise the necessary questions.

Alarm lighting

Lighting and avoiding dark places is the second biggest deterrent. Because the research also shows that not everyone who has outdoor lighting in their home (four out of five Dutch people) actually turns it on. To keep criminals out, almost half of the Dutch leave a light on when they are not in the house and more than two thirds have an extra lock on the door.

Make your own home safer

You can also do more yourself to make your home safer. A few tips are, for example, putting your containers behind the gate ensures that burglars have a step and a lot of vegetation in front of the house provides places where they can go about their business. Stand in front of your house and think like a burglar, what can you do easily to make it a little more difficult for them? The timer on a light switch and half a cup of tea with an open newspaper on the table also helps when you go on vacation. If you want to do more, you can ask the neighbours to make the house seem more inhabited by opening the curtains, removing and closing mail and parking their car in front of your house.


Yet burglars also just become bolder and are less and less afraid to go into the house when people are at home.  And these are experiences that unfortunately affect peace of mind for many years to come.

Alarm in the house

If you’ve already taken these simple steps, it’s smart to see how you can monitor the house even better because the more difficult it is to break into your house, the sooner burglars choose another house. Not good for the neighbors but good for you. What options are there?

How does a burglar alarm work?

An alarm in the house is actually not that special anymore, more and more homes are being equipped with it. A burglar alarm is an electronic system that makes an alarm or sound when a burglar wants to break into your home at a specific time (especially at night). The burglar alarms mainly protect your personal belongings and household effects. In addition, a burglar alarm reduces the chance that your belongings are in danger of being stolen by a burglar.


As you read earlier, an alarm system can be activated in different ways. You can of course press an alarm button yourself to activate an alarm system. However, this is not an automated process. Many alarm systems do work automatically. These systems must therefore detect danger or possible danger in the environment. However, an alarm system does not have senses like humans. Instead, an alarm system uses sensors/ “probes”.

Detection groups

Detectors can be divided into different groups. The classification used is based on the operation of the detection systems. There are many different aspects that can be measured in an environment. One can think of sound waves, for example, but also the presence of smoke or water. 

with camera

Another option is a system that immediately sends a signal to your mobile phone or a switchboard when a burglary attempt is detected, depending on the system you choose. In the first case, you can go and see for yourself or ask neighbors to take a look. If you choose to connect to a control panel, the control room will contact you when the alarm goes off to check whether it is a false alarm. If the alarm is serious, the control room will immediately contact the police.

Safe alarm

A combination of the functions is also possible and you can think about this yourself and the quote will contain option prices for these options. There is more important to check when you have received the quote and that is the quality and quality mark of the system. A hardware store system often does not have this.


An alarm system therefore functions with sensors. When, for example, a window or door is opened on which a sensor is mounted, an alarm can go off. First of all there are active detectors (such as a camera), but also passive detectors (such as infrared and heat detectors). Alarm systems are able to register every movement of an uninvited guest. An active detector sends invisible microwaves through the room. In addition, the detector uses radiation to check what is in the room.

Operation with invisible rays

When any of those items are missing or taken away, the alarm will go off. A passive detector works with heat or infrared detectors. These are all invisible rays. 


There are different types of detectors:

  •  Magnetic contacts called detector (these detect for example on door or window that opens)
  • Infrared detector (change of infrared temperature movement is measured)
  • Ultrasonic or Microwave Detection
  • Push button: gives a signal to the emergency center when it is pressed in the event of a robbery, fire or illness. You recognize this from movies
  • Glassbreak Detection: Responds to sound waves from glassbreak
  • Vibration detector or seismic detector: respond to vibrations such as e.g. piercing a vault door or breaking a wall
  • Tilt detection: (formerly mercury switch) reacts to the lifting of, for example, a vehicle or machine
  •  Water detector: in case of flooding or leakage
  •  Gas detector: (natural gas or CO or CO2 or other…)
  • Smoke alarm
  •  Heat detector

How do you operate a burglar alarm?

Most alarm systems are switched on or off by means of a numerical code that is often located in a cupboard at the front door. But the code can also be entered on a control panel at the entrance or exit of your house. There are also other methods of operating an alarm system. This can be done, for example, with your key, a badge or by means of finger, hand or nowadays even eye recognition.

Some people ask, ‘Do you deserve an alarm back?’ That is difficult and perhaps not. At least, you will probably not be able to calculate this because a good alarm does not lead to less burglary and so you do not know whether there will be (more) burglaries if you had not had that alarm. The trade-off between costs and benefits cannot be calculated and that is why most people opt for an alarm for a better night’s sleep and with peace of mind on holiday.

Sleep well

If you still want to calculate: if there is a lot to get in your house in valuable and tradable items, then you will probably be willing to pay more than if you have few valuables. And if you live in a remote, large house, choosing a system that is connected to a central station is more obvious than an alarm system that only emits sound signals.

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