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10 Hidden Oppo Smartwatch Hacks You Didn’t Know About!


Oppo has steadily built a reputation in the smartwatch market. With its smartwatch line, it provides dependable smartwatches that have great hardware and software features. This smartwatch comes with a slew of handy functions, each with its own set of benefits and applications. You can locate your phone by using the Find My Phone function. 

If you’re planning a day trip, this smartwatch’s Weather Forecast feature can help. You may also use the Remote Music Control feature to control your music playback from a distance. There’s a chance, however, that you’re not taking full advantage of your Oppo smartwatch. There is a range of less-known features hidden beneath the surface of these wearables.

Below are 10 Oppo smart watch hacks and hidden features you never knew existed

Sleep Tracking

Despite smart watches leading the way for years in sleep tracking, few other smartwatches have managed to track an individual’s sleep profile all night long. According to Oppo, its watch provides users with a sleep report showing how much light sleep, deep sleep, and awake time they have logged.

Power Saver Mode

Power Saver Mode is a feature found on most branded models of smartwatches. It works by turning off features that you don’t use to save power. But the Oppo smart watch is equipped with the advanced power-saving feature. 

This can help your battery last longer and extend your device’s life. In general, Power Saving Mode will turn off all non-essential watch functions so that if you do need to use them, you can do so quickly and easily without having to press a bunch of buttons or scroll through endless menus.

Accurate Heart Rate Tracking

The Oppo smart watch is widely heralded as a fitness device and a heart rate monitor. And the heart rate monitor is too accurate compared to sophisticated medical devices. So instead, Oppo recommends downloading the HeyTap application to synchronize sleep data and heart rate.

Customize Watch Face

The Best Oppo smartwatch comes preloaded with many different watch faces. As a result, you will not get bored with the same watch face daily. It provides an option to download new watch faces through your mobile and equip them on your watch via a cloud-based platform. 

Good viewing angle

The Oppo sports watch has an AMOLED display with curved glass. The AMOLED screen has a lot of contrast and great viewing angles. In addition, the brightness is automatically adjustable using an ambient light sensor.

Accurate Step Tracing

The concept of step counting is all about tracking your steps when you walk or run. The Oppo sports watch tracker is very accurate at this. However, two important factors influenced the accuracy of the Smart Watch step tracker. 

First, for the Smart Watch step tracker to be effective, it needs to be very close to your body. Second, the Smart Watch step tracker needs to have good battery life. Oppo qualifies both these factors.

Accurate GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking software on the Oppo sports watch is accurate and efficient, making it a handy tool compared to other smartwatch brands.

Google Wear OS

Its best feature is that it uses Google Wear OS, which means it is compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones.

Light Weight

One of Oppo’s goals is to keep device weight as low as possible, and the body alone weighs 40g. Fluororubber straps are also light, and the watch size feels just right on my wrist.

Powerful 1GB RAM

Oppo smart watch has powerful 1 GB RAM, making it much faster than any other smart watch. Final Thoughts Wear the Oppo Smart watch on your wrist to keep up with your health and fitness stats. This smartwatch is likely to be your fitness companion at all times, thanks to its attractive appearance. 

Its Daily Activity Tracker makes it simple to keep track of the number of calories burned, steps done, and distance traveled, making it a joy to chart your progress toward a healthier lifestyle. This smartwatch also keeps track of your sleep, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels, among other things. In addition to its sleek and stylish design, this smartwatch is packed with cool features, making it an eye-catcher.

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