Prime Minister Anthony Albanese unveils his new cabinet

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has revealed who will be a part of his new cabinet.

The announcement comes after Labor claimed its 77th seat to form a majority government.

The new appointments, who will be sworn in on Wednesday morning, includes 10 women in the cabinet.

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has revealed who will be a part of his new cabinet.

"This is an exciting team, it's a team which is overflowing with talent, with people who are absolutely committed to making a difference as ministers and assistant ministers in my government," he said.

"This is the largest number of women who have ever served in an Australian cabinet, with 10 women in the cabinet.

"In addition to that, in terms of the ministry, there are 13 women in the ministry and 19 frontbenchers.

"A record number in all three categories for women's representation in cabinet, in ministry and in front bench positions."

Who are the ministers?

Albanese announced Richard Marles would be deputy prime minister and the minister for defence.

Penny Wong will be the senate leader and the minister for foreign affairs.

Don Farrell will be the deputy senate leader, the minister for trade and tourism and the special minister of state.

Dr Jim Chalmers will be the treasurer, while Senator Katy Gallagher will be the minister for finance, minister for the public service and the minister for women.

Tony Burke will be the leader of the house as well as the minister for employment and workplace relations and the minister for arts.

Mark Butler will be the deputy leader of the house and minister for health and aged care.

Chris Bowen will be the minister for climate change and energy.

Tanya Plibersek will be the minister for the environment and water.

Catherine King will be the minister for infrastructure, transport, regional development and local government.

Linda Burney will be the minister for Indigenous Australians.

Amanda Rishworth will be the minister for social services, while Bill Shorten will be the minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and government services.

Mark Dreyfus will be the Attorney-General as well as the cabinet secretary.

Brendan O'Connor will be the minister for skills and training, while Jasion Claire will be the minister for education.

Julie Collins will be the minister for housing, minister for homelessness and minister for small business.

Michelle Rowland will be the minister for communications and Madeleine King will be the minister for resources and northern Australia.

Murray Watt will enter the cabinet as the minister for agriculture, fisheries and foresty as well as the minister for emergency management.

Ed Husic will be the minister for industry and science, while Clare O'Neill will enter the cabinet as the minister for home affairs and the minister for cyber security.

Albanese pledges anti-corruption commission legislation by year's end

Earlier on Tuesday, Albanese pledged to introduce legislation for a federal anti-corruption commission this year.

Speaking to the Labor caucus for the first time since becoming Prime Minister, he also promised a budget in October.

"We will show that we're an inclusive and mature country by recognising the privilege that we have of sharing this great island continent of ours, this great multicultural nation, with the oldest continuous civilisation on the planet and recognising that in our constitution with an enshrined Voice to Parliament," he said on Tuesday.

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says he has a "responsibility" to deliver on issues such as cost of living, climate change and a federal anti-corruption commission.

His address showed little change from his campaign rhetoric.

"More secure work, taking pressure off the cost of living. Cheaper childcare," he said.

"We will strengthen Medicare. We will fix aged care. We will make sure that we make more things here in Australia and become a more resilient economy with advanced manufacturing.

"We will end the climate wars."

The crowd of Labor MPs and senators cheered when Albanese said the party would be governing with a majority.

The party got over the line with 76 seats yesterday when the seat of Macnamara was affirmed a Labor win.

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