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Man avoids jail time over violent attack with builder’s spirit level

A man has avoided jail time after he was convicted over a violent attack involving a builder's spirit level.

Abdul Assad threatened and beat his neighbours, Qutaiba Mehmood and Ali Ahmed, in their Punchbowl carpark in May last year.

Assad broke Mehmood's arm with the spirit level.

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"Doctors have recommended me not to lift anything for two years other than a cup of coffee," Mehmood told 9News.

"Whenever I go to that street or that area I get traumatised."

The 44-year-old father pleaded guilty to multiple charges in court today.

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Abdul Assad was sentenced to a 21-month intensive corrections order.

Assad was sentenced to 21 months and the magistrate has allowed him to serve the time in the community under an intensive corrections order.

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