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7 Signs You Are A Dominant Partner In A Controlling Relationship

Controlling Relationship

So, you are in a new relationship – that’s great! If you are a little kinky about exercising some dominance in the bedroom, that’s fine, as long as you are consensual about your approach. But what if your partner tells you one fine day that your dominance has silently crept outside the bedroom, and bam – it’s a controlling relationship!

You might disagree and even end up fighting with your partner. So what if you are a mommy dom or a daddy dom doing what you think is fine with your partner? You are just having fun, and your partner was aware all along – then what went wrong?

Take a pause and rethink. The lines between the bedroom and outdoors tend to get blurry from time to time. Today, let’s find out whether your dominance is impacting your entire relationship – stay tuned to find out more.

7 Signs You Are A Dominant Partner In A Controlling Relationship:

A dominant partner will always tend to control the relationship, playing a decision-making role for both participants in the relationship. In certain relationships, the submissive partner is typically fine with such an arrangement.

However, that is not indicative of the fact that ALL relationships will play out in a similar pattern. You don’t want to chase your partner far away from you with your dominant, controlling behavior. Instead, have a conversation with your partner, and be honest with each other – what both of you are all right with and what you guys aren’t okay with!

So, without wasting any time, scroll down to find out all the top signs that you are a dominant partner in a controlling relationship.

1. You Always Lead

Dominant partners always call the shots in a relationship. You are not just in control inside the bedroom, but also on dates or anywhere really. You take the initiative to plan your outings, decide where you will go, what you will do, and more. Your partner just sort of goes along – of course, they come up with ideas too. But it’s simply never good enough to convince you.

2. You Tend To Be Selfish

Dominant partners tend to be selfish. While that does sound a little harsh, it’s very true, and we will tell you why. It’s not about your partner’s convenient – it’s solely about your convenience. For instance, while planning a date, you pick the place because it’s closer to your location. And the same is applicable for all couple activities that both of you take part in.

3. You Love Space But Not For Your Partner

We all love space…don’t we? After work, you like chilling in your room alone – if your partner calls you at that time, you probably ignore or keep the conversation real quick. But when your partner does the same, it makes you angry. When your partner steps out with their friends, you can’t help contacting them multiple times, but god forbid your partner does the same to you.

4. You Hate Your Partner’s Friends

Of course, you hate your partner’s friends and have no clue why your partner hangs out with a bunch of annoying people. Guess what? You do the same – you have friends too. Does your partner hate your friends as well? Probably not. The point is dominant partners always try to control their partners by simply isolating them from close friends and family.

5. You Have Snoopy Tendencies

Of course, you don’t need to be dominating to be snoopy – some people are just snoopy and insecure by nature. But dominant individuals are usually snoopy because they enjoy keeping tabs on their partners. If you regularly go through your partner’s texts, emails, and social media conversations, it is likely that you are trying to control your partner’s communication channels.

6. You Love Blaming Your Partner

So you might not admit it yet – but you blame your partner for everything. Think about all the different fights you have had with your partner. Even when it’s your fault, you end up gaslighting your partner with blame and, more importantly, guilt. Isn’t everything their fault? If you are nodding your head to that, then chances are you are the dominant one in the relationship.

7. You Are Possessive

Contrary to popular belief, a man and a woman can be friends. But as a dominant individual in a relationship, chances are you don’t agree with the statement mentioned above. If you find yourself prohibiting your partner from communicating with their friends and acquaintances of the opposite genders, then chances are you are trying to control your partner.

And It’s A Wrap!

If all the 7 signs mentioned above match your personality, then it’s time you have honest communication with your partner. It is possible that you do not want to control your partner, but your dominating personality keeps encouraging you to do so. Talk about the things that are fine and, more importantly, the things that aren’t within your relationship.

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and stories related to the same with us in the comments below.

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