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Boots Your Hospitality Business Website with Top 11 SEO Strategies

Boots Your Hospitality Website with Top 11 SEO Strategies

Are you running the Hotels and Restaurants industry? Are you associated with hotels? If yes, then you are likely searching to enhance your visibility across the organic search results and emerge your brand awareness. In this article, we’ll tell you how to do SEO for a hospitality website. 

How to do SEO for Hotels?

Before we dive into hospitality and travel SEO services, let’s first talk about the industry. Assume you wish to reserve a hotel room in a specified city. What do you type into the search box to get the results? Perhaps a combination of the city name and the term hotel.

Accommodation queries frequently include local names and long tails, such as “hotel Antalya” or “hotel Antalya double room.” The conclusion is straightforward: Hospitality SEO agencies will be critical for hotels.

As you may expect, everyone who owns a hotel wants to optimize their website for such keywords and phrases.

But, it can be difficult, especially if you operate in a large city with hundreds of hotels all vying for the same keyword placement.

If you want to reach potential consumers and sell rooms, SEO for the hotel business is a must-have regardless of your location. There are several techniques and tips you can use to improve your search engine rankings and acquire a competitive advantage over your market rivals.

Why is SEO crucial for the Hotel Industry? 

SEO for Hotels and Restaurants is essential for a variety of reasons. Properly carrying out activities will assist prospective event planners or guests in locating you.

By going through SEO tips for hotels you can do the following points – 

  • Grow your business: Increasing your exposure and ranking in the top search results will undoubtedly result in enhanced brand awareness, more revenues, and a competitive advantage over other hotels in the area.
  • Long-term outcomes can be obtained without spending a fortune: When compared to other marketing operations, SEO for hotels is both sustainable and cost-effective. You can easily control the process thanks to the accessible tools. Although it takes longer to achieve the intended outcomes in this situation, the game is surely worth the candle.
  • Obtain the best leads and enhance your conversion rate: If your hotel ranks high for specific long tail keywords, users who come across it in the search results are more likely to choose your offer. The key to success is to ensure that website visitors receive particular information and quality material that persuades them that your hotel offers the best amenities.

How do you enhance your Hotel SEO ? 11 SEO Tips for Hotels

  1. Search Your Audience 

If you want to reach potential consumers and attract more visitors with the help of SEO for hotels, first you need to establish your target demographic.

Evaluate accessible data to learn about customer behaviour, preferences, and habits. If you need something that will assist you to interpret the information better, establish user personas. Examine everything that can assist you to communicate with your target audience. Like, what age are your visitors? what devices do people use to make bookings? and what factors are essential to them? and so on. 

  1. Choose the top SEO Keyword For Hotels and Optimize the Content 

Local search and long tail keywords should be considered while selecting keywords for hotel SEO.

Local search is crucial because most people browse for hotels in specific areas. When selecting terms to optimize your website, make sure they include both location names and other geolocation characteristics.

Here are a few examples – 

  • Primary keywords –  One or two-word sentences that best define your website. Keywords such as hotel Vegas or hotel in Vegas can be used.
  • Secondary Keywords –  These phrases are less clear than major keywords, yet they can be used to specify your offer. Consider your hotel’s distinguishing features when developing secondary keywords. These can be terms like “luxury hotel in Vegas” or “hotel near the airport in Vegas.”
  • Long Tail Keywords –  Often, such sentences are lengthier and more descriptive. Despite generating less traffic, conversion rates are frequently greater in this circumstance. Why? Because consumers who write long queries into the search field know exactly what they’re looking for and are ready to make a purchase. These phrases can have three, four, five, or even more words. Examples include a hotel in Vegas with a decent airport connection, a double room with a bathroom in the heart of Vegas, or an inexpensive double room with single beds in Vegas
  1. Work on the Page Title and Meta Description 

It may not seem apparent, however, the name of a company isn’t the most significant aspect of meta tags. Because consumers often find hotels mostly through geolocation suggestions and do not utilize brand names, it is critical to include particular long tail and secondary keywords at the start of the title and in the meta description.

As a result, it is far better to develop titles that look like this:

Hotel Vegas City Center – [brand name], not [brand name] hotel in Vegas.

  1. Make your Website Mobile – Friendly and UX – Friendly 

When performing hotel SEO, you must ensure that your website is user-friendly and mobile-friendly. Mobile devices are being used to make an increasing number of reservations. If you want to keep your bounce rate low, make sure your page has a responsive web design, loads quickly, and is easy to navigate on smartphones and tablets.

Diversify your content to attract the attention of your potential customers and keep them on the page for longer. Capture one-of-a-kind photographs of the hotel, its interior, or its surroundings. Images (alt texts and names) provide an extra place for keywords, in addition to persuading users to choose your venue.

  1. Keep In Mind About International Users 

A single-language version of your website is insufficient, especially if you wish to reach out to foreign visitors. Visitors to your hotel come from all over the world. To meet their needs, you must tailor your material to their expectations.

Make a financial investment in competent translation and localization services. Make use of halflings and allow consumers to select a currency and payment method that is appropriate for their needs. However, keep in mind that Google isn’t your only option!

  1. Create a Google Business Profile 

When performing hotel SEO, you must guarantee that your website is visible in all conceivable areas. Create a Google Business profile to reach out to more potential customers.

As Google emphasizes, this tool is intended for:

Businesses and organizations manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. Your hotel will be shown on Google Maps, and users will be able to find it quickly. Google Business is especially helpful if you don’t score high for generic, primary, or even secondary keywords. Your company’s visibility will improve as a result of its use.

  1. Do Care of External Linking 

Getting high-quality external links is critical while doing hotel SEO. It boosts the DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) metrics. They have an immediate effect on Google rankings.

Furthermore, if your hotel is visible in multiple locations, it improves the likelihood that customers will come across it and choose it. That’s why it’s critical to get backlinks to your page on industry-related websites and forums like TripAdvisor.

  1. Ask Visitors To Mark Their Feedback

Social proof is important. Great reviews might provide you with more advantages than flowery website descriptions. Potential clients are more inclined to make a purchase if they discover that previous visitors speak favorably about your hotel.

Increase brand recognition by making use of available comments and feedback. Provide a carousel of the top reviews on your website, respond to all comments, and cultivate connections with recipients to demonstrate that you care about their ease.

  1. Build Naps 

Creating NAPs with links to your website is one of the most crucial SEO strategies for hotels. You can attract new visitors by adding your hotel’s name, address, and phone number (along with a website link) on numerous industry-related pages.

Keep in mind that not everyone searches Google or Google Maps for lodging. Some people still prefer to look through telephone directories. Generating NAPs takes little effort and is a one-time task that can generate lucrative leads and visitors. The game is absolutely worth the candle.

  1. Run Social Media and Blog 

We’ve said multiple times that corporate blogs and social media are great tools for building brand recognition, attracting traffic to your website, and reaching new potential consumers.

When it comes to hotel SEO, you should optimize your content and articles for numerous keywords that will help you reach people at different phases of the consumer journey. It’s a terrific strategy to boost the number of words your page is displayed for and raise your brand recognition.

  1. Concentrate on Niche SEO for Your Hotel 

Local SEO is vital in many businesses, including the hospitality industry. We couldn’t leave out this topic when compiling a list of SEO strategies for hotels.


Because, as previously said, many consumers look for lodging type in sentences that include the name of the location with the word hotel.

By optimizing your website for local long-tail keywords such as a luxury hotel in the Vegas city center, you enhance your chances of reaching people who are truly interested in the offer. Local SEO is usually the only method to get high positions in organic search results, especially in competitive industries.

If you are tired of managing SEO for hotels by yourself then, you need to hire a Hospitality SEO Agency which can increase your visibility and enhance your business. And for that, you can appoint SAG IPL which has highly experienced employees to deal with your project. The best part of this firm is with the expertise the company is able to deliver fast results at an economical price. 

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