Train Time Table for RailMitra: Enhancing Your Travel Experience

RailMitra, a comprehensive travel companion, goes beyond traditional train services by offering innovative solutions for modern-day travellers. It’s not just a mere app; it’s a seamless gateway to a hassle-free train journey. In a world where time is of the essence, having access to an accurate train time-table and additional amenities like food delivery and PNR status checking becomes indispensable.

Understanding Train Time Table

Train schedules hold the key to a smooth and well-organised journey. RailMitra understands this and provides an easy-to-access repository of train timetables. Whether you’re planning a trip or need to check the next train to your destination, RailMitra’s comprehensive timetable feature ensures you’re always in sync with the train timings.

In this digital age, accessing accurate and up-to-date train schedules is crucial for travellers. Train time-table serves as the backbone of travel planning, offering comprehensive information on train routes, timings, and stops. RailMitra, a leading platform, offers an innovative and user-friendly approach to accessing train time-table efficiently.

Using RailMitra for PNR current status

Checking PNR current status has never been easier. With RailMitra, you can effortlessly inquire about your reservation status. Simply input your PNR number, and the app provides real-time updates, keeping you informed about seat confirmations, coach details, and more, simplifying your travel preparations.

Train Food Delivery App RailMitra

One of the distinctive services offered by the train food delivery app RailMitra is its food delivery feature. Imagine relishing your favourite meals while traversing picturesque landscapes. RailMitra facilitates food delivery on trains, ensuring that your journey is not just convenient but also delicious.

Check train status with RailMitra

RailMitra simplifies the process of checking train status. It provides real-time updates on train locations, delays, and expected arrival times, ensuring passengers stay informed throughout their journey.

Step-by-step Guide to Check Train Status

  • Access the RailMitra app or website.
  • Enter the train number or name in the designated section.
  • Instantly view the live status, including expected arrival and departure times.

Making the Most of RailMitra’s Services

To optimise your experience with RailMitra, here are a few tips:

Ensure a stable internet connection for seamless usage.

Provide accurate details for PNR checking and food orders.

Check the availability of food services for your specific train route.

RailMitra isn’t merely an app; it’s a travel companion that redefines convenience and comfort during train journeys. With its user-friendly interface and array of services, it has become an integral part of modern travel.

How to Check Train Schedule from RailMitra?

RailMitra helps you check the train schedule online through the website and RailMitra mobile app. You can easily check the train time table online through RailMitra by following the given steps:

  • Visit the RailMitra website or download the RailMitra app from the Play Store.
  • Navigate to the ‘Train Schedule’ option.
  • Enter Train Number or Train Name in the ‘Train Schedule’ box and select the desired train from the autosuggest options.
  • Hit the ‘Check Train Schedule’ button.

What Are Important Terminologies Associated With The Timetable?

Some of the terminologies associated with the Indian train time table are train name, train number, intermediate stations and Train status.

  • Train Name: It is the name of the train like Janshatabdi Express, Rajdhani Express, Humsafar Express etc.
  • Train Number: Each train has a certain five-digit number to specify each train uniquely. This information is essential to recognize among thousands of other trains running on that same day.
  • Intermediate Stations: All the stations along which the train crosses its route are included in a list of intermediate stations. All the stations between the source and destination are intermediate stations.
  • Train Status: The train status gives the users an idea about the present location of the train, the list of the upcoming stations, and the expected time of arrival at the upcoming stations and the delay.


  1. What makes RailMitra stand out from other train apps?

Ans: RailMitra’s comprehensive services, including train timetables, PNR checking, and food delivery, make it a one-stop solution for travellers’ needs.

  1. Why Check Train Schedule and Timetable by RailMitra?

Ans: RailMitra is a complete train journey planner app for all Indian Railway passengers. You can check the train schedule as well as the timetable for all trains on our app or website easily and conveniently. The server data is constantly refreshed to provide you with the latest and updated information every time.

  1. How to Check Train Schedule and Timetable through Mobile App?

Ans: The RailMitra app is designed to offer convenient service to all passengers. If you are a smartphone user, then make use of the latest technology and download the RailMitra app from the Google Play Store or Apple store. It is completely free and offers loads of railway-related services such as train schedule and timetable all in a single place.

  1. Is the food delivery available for all train routes?

Ans: While RailMitra covers a wide range of routes, food delivery availability may vary based on the specific train and its route.

  1. Can I check the live status of my train through RailMitra?

Ans: RailMitra provides PNR status checking, which includes real-time updates on your reservation details.

  1. Are there any additional charges for using RailMitra’s services?

Ans: RailMitra operates on a transparent pricing model, ensuring no hidden charges for its services.

  1. How secure is the PNR checking feature on RailMitra?

Ans: RailMitra ensures the confidentiality and security of passenger information while providing accurate PNR status updates

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