Want to have a different Wedding, Take a look at 5 Wedding Theme Ideas

Are you that lucky person who is going to get married in this wedding season? If yes, then you must be doing various types of wedding planning to make your wedding memorable. There would be a lot of discussions going on in the family daily about shopping, decoration, honeymoon planning, make-up, grooming etc. Some couples plan a destination wedding to make their wedding memorable and different. So some people organize theme based weddings. Nowadays theme wedding is quite in trend. Gradually people are trying the theme wedding idea as per their budget in small and big cities also. If you also want to plan a theme wedding, so that its memories never fade from your mind and heart, then take a look at some trendy theme wedding ideas here.

What is theme Wedding?

Theme wedding in which all the wedding decorations are based on a particular theme. In this, a particular decoration idea and subject is selected and all the arrangements are made on that basis. There are many types of themes that the bride and groom-to-be can choose for their wedding. In a theme wedding, you get a slightly different, unique, unique wedding decoration apart from the traditional decorations, which is praised wholeheartedly by every guest. It is not necessary that you spend a lot on decoration, it can be made grand and beautiful even without spending much.

Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

If you like listening to fairy tales, watching books and movies related to them, then you can choose this as your wedding theme. Fairy tale theme can be a perfect idea for a wedding. In this, more importance is given to pastel colors. What I mean to say is that be it the decorations or the color of the bride’s lehenga, everything is of very light colour. You can select colors like white, pink, off white, light yellow. Fairy tale wedding theme can be a perfect idea for girls who do not like bright colours. You can also get a special photo shoot done by wearing fake feathers in light pink or white lehenga. Every guest coming to the wedding will feel as if they have come to a fairy world.

Rajshahi Wedding Theme

In this the wedding venue is exactly like a royal palace. You can get the wedding pandal and mandap decorated in the look of a palace. There should be big chandeliers and carpets. If you want, select a wedding venue whose decoration is like a palace. Now, it is not possible for everyone to go to Udaipur, Jaipur, Mysore and get married in the luxurious palaces there like film stars, but you will definitely get a palace-like look in some hotels and banquet halls. The make-up and attire of the bride and groom should also be like royalty, royal dishes should be included in the menu.

Beach Wedding Theme

If you like the sea, then to feel the beach wedding theme, you will have to arrange your wedding at a sea place only. Many people do this these days. If the ocean is real then the fun of marriage will increase. You can choose any beautiful, quiet and clean beach as wedding venue. Of course, your expenses will increase, but marriages are not done frequently. If you want to make it memorable, you will have to spend a little. You can prepare your pavilion on the beach. If the wedding is happening during the day, select decoration, theme, colors etc. accordingly. The most important thing is that in the beach wedding, the bride and groom will not need to wear very heavy lehenga or sharwani. The lighter the color of your makeup, jewellery, clothes, the more perfect you will look.

Rajasthani Wedding Theme

You can include Rajasthani touch in your wedding. The atmosphere will be wonderful with Rajasthani songs and folk music in the music. You can wear Rajasthani style dresses and lehenga in every wedding ceremony. What’s the point if make-up and jewelery are all Rajasthani style? Colorful pandal and pavilion should be decorated. Rajasthani food and decoration will make your wedding look very unique and different. People will feel as if they have come to Rajasthan to attend someone’s wedding.

Eco Friendly Wedding Theme Some people like greenery a lot. Such people can select eco friendly theme on their wedding day. It includes many types of themes like forest wedding theme, green wedding theme, garden wedding theme etc. It is also not very expensive. Efforts are made to keep such marriages plastic free. A garden can be chosen as the wedding venue. Decoration is done with flowers and leaves. In this, arrangements are made at less expense as compared to other wedding themes. In such a wedding, food can be served on banana leaves instead of plastic or thermocol plates. You can select colors like green, light yellow, white for decoration. More and more natural things like flowers and leaves are included in the decoration of mandap and pandal. These look very beautiful and give a feeling of freshness. There are vegetarian foods in the diet.

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